Sep 2

Absolutely nobody fucking expected Cap to be dead permanently. You’re not going to make a big budget Avengers game and have Captain Fucking America be playable in one level only. Read more

Aug 19

Kotaku has lost a lot of the writers who would do more “real journalism.” I don’t mean that to demean blogging or the writers here now, just that Jason, Heather, Cecelia, Gita, and others would often post stories with sources that did deep dives into a topic. Journalism, not blogging. Read more

Jul 1

Oh who cares. People cheat on their husbands, on their wives. Do you think people who get divorced are immoral too? Grow the fuck up, its 2020. Read more

Apr 9 2020

“Can you just imagine if Civilization had Hitler as the german historical leader? uuugh..” Read more

Apr 8 2020

This would be true if there wasn’t a million other extremely attractive females on tik-tok, twitch, twitter and more that didnt catapult into relevance.

Yes yes to all your world view speech, but this was a good article and its obviously MORE than just looks that got her there.

Jan 10 2020

I don’t agree with your take on Yenn. It didn’t strike me a fun or silly at all. She’s being vindictive and cruel. She doesn’t give a fuck about these people and is definitely taking her frustration out on the entire town. She's even bored with it by the time Geralt gets there. I think it shows her for exactly who she Read more

Jan 8 2020

To me, the difference is, The Last Jedi didn’t set out to be divisive. It didn’t set out to divide the fanbase or pick a side. It just wanted to try and tell a good story in the Star Wars universe. Read more

Jan 7 2020

The Rise of Skywalker was bogged down by answering all the questions or re-answering all the questions The Last Jedi answered poorly and essentially disregarding that film (personally I didn’t like TLJ for many reasons, most of them plot and pacing). That’s the biggest weakness of Rise of Skywalker: trying to fix Read more

Jan 5 2020

I disagree. It was purposefully confusing. Figuring out where the pieces went was part of the process of watching the show. Just because it’s not necessarily easy does not mean that it’s a mistake.

Jan 5 2020

I’m utterly baffled at how misunderstood this show is. The timelines were not that hard to follow. Plus they have the benefit of setting up thoughtful episodic parallels between the characters: see Geralt de-cursing the Strega producing a beautiful princess that retains her feral attitude while Yennifer is transformed. Read more

Jan 4 2020

Nirmally, I’d agree with you, but the era of the New Mutants that this movie is based on is a decidedly less spandexy era (for the NM anyway). Granted they did wear a generalized costume, but the stories were much more internal struggles and less “going out to the save world in secret identities.”

Dec 30 2019

my guy, this is the most childish way of looking at the world and you really should be ashamed of yourself. put on your big boy pants. go outside. kick a ball. make a friend. this is really pitiful. be better than this.

Dec 23 2019

Firstly, you need to understand how differing opinions work. You can respond to someone with a differing opinion as yours without sounding like a fucking cunt. You don’t gain much from questioning other “star wars fans” just because their opinions differ from yours, especially those stretching back to the 70's. Got Read more