Josh - the lost soldier

“Oh Cock” and “No Cock”, obviously. Read more

People with a 500 credit score, 2 foreclosures, multiple bankruptcies, furniture from Rent-a-Center, maxed-out credit (secured) credit cards and kitted out in knock-off luxury-brands. But they still want a new car. Read more

In the Forza Horizon series, with wild, arcade-style, open world gameplay, I nearly always use the furthest 3rd-person view because having a camera 10 feet in the air just makes every single thing so much easier. (I do occasionally switch to the first-person view to check out what a car’s gauges and interior look Read more

That RX-7 is ruined and the Mustang is stupid. Read more

Deserves the “Most Punchable Face in Motorsport” trophy, edging out Lance Stroll as a close second  Read more

Vampire Weekend’s discography is the official soundtrack of gentrification   Read more

Toyota, swap Subaru for Porsche. The 86 is the closest thing out there to a modern-day 944, the likes of which Porsche needs to make again. Thing is, the 86 could use a weightier clutch for my liking (like my 944) and I think the P-car people would have the answer. And hey, they know flat engines, too. I wouldn’t care Read more

It was more useful than any of your comments Read more

I prefer gender neutral terms. Read more

If your system is this shit it wasn’t worth paying to develop. Read more

One of my coworkers told me she won’t try bacon due to religious reasons.

I, on the other hand, refuse to try religion due to bacon reasons. Read more