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This is very dumb. And amusing. As always, you are a visionary, Mr. Torchinsky. Also, the almost-Fast-and-Furious font is just *chef’s kiss*. Read more

Aside from the obvious one (check the profile picture)... Read more

Renault Megane RS. One of the best hot hatchbacks in the world. Unfortunately, the United States loves large crossovers and SUVs, so while I can easily buy a Nissan Rogue, I have to wait until I'm in my 40s before I can have this Megane.

I think the Kizashi is a good definition of a “meh” car: a car that is very good and competent in many ways, but undoubletly unremarkable in any. Read more

So, it’s big, expensive, heavy, and doesn’t reach 200 mph unless its fitted with a wheel and tire package that is not currently available for it. While I am very interested in this car from a philosophical standpoint, if I were actually in the market for a fast executive sedan, and I wasn’t too particular about the Read more

That’s easy: JDM icons. As a kid of the 90's, I grew up aspiring to own a Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Mazda RX-7, or Honda NSX. In their heyday, those cars were expensive, but not unreasonably so. Now? They’re effing unobtanium at a price resembling “reasonable”. A clean Supra will easily exceed $100k, even if Read more

What is the ratio of grille to actual cooling capacity and how does this compare to your other vehicles (Pao, Beetle, and Yugo)? Read more

So, is Renault coming back to the US to offer us an electric Renault 5? If so, can they finally fix the gawd-awful "French" name they gave to the American version of the car? This one better be named the La Voiture Électrique. Read more

Today’s a fuckin’ day, man. Today’s a fuckin’ day. Read more

There’s two things the Internet has no shortage of: cloud-chasing asshats with more money than brains looking to scheme money out of dumbasses, and said dumbasses who are too fucking stupid to understand that their money would be better served by wiping their shitty ass with it. Read more

It would have been perfectly fine if the 4 Series was just a smaller 8 Series. Though, given that the M3 sedan has taken the front fascia from the 3/4 Series coupe, does this mean the M3 will also have this hideous snout as well? Read more

I know a lot of people who do not know how to drive a car with a manual transmission; for that reason, I tend not to let others drive my car. However, in the case of close friends, we have a habit of driving each others cars. On one occasion, I let my friend drive my LS3-powered 240SX while he let me have a go at his Read more

Agreed wholeheartedly. He may be a great driver, but he's still a dick and I won't be cheering for him anytime soon. Read more

A straight-six Mazda6, especially a RWD coupe, would be absolutely sublime. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this engine and perhaps what cars it'll appear in. Since Mazda and Toyota have such a close relationship, maybe Toyota will get in on the goods as well? I'd love to see the straight-six return to the Lexus Read more

The only real worry I have with this system is that, being fully electronic and somewhat detached from the actual mechanical systems managing the car, there will be some loss in perceived control and braking. Remember the earliest electronic steering assist systems? I was an engineer for a major automaker when a car Read more

Unpopular opinion: the M3 E46 competition package was better (for NA buyers) than the M3 CSL. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a CSL, but for most cases, the M3 Competition had the right suspension, right transmission, and enough power to make the car an absolute riot on road. Read more

Stef, incredibly well written. I expect nothing less from you, especially considering you really understand the complexities of race cars. Read more

“the safety of our customers is our top priority.” Read more

One of the most annoying parts of a Cars and Coffee event, in my opinion, is seeing a lot full of stock Huracans and having to jostle past people aching to take selfies next to them. Good on Choi for going for something different; this is the sort of Huracan I'd take a picture of at Caffeine and Exotics. Read more

There’s a lot in the front end that’s similar, but the whole car seems more Ford GT than anything Ferrari. Read more