Apr 9

They lost a week worth of business. If in a regular year they make $95 million x 52 weeks, in 2021 they will only make $95 million x 51 weeks, and unless we somehow slow the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, they’re not getting that back.

Apr 1

As a transwoman I am disgusted by these gender reveal parties. Nobody cares and people are dying because of this stupid thing.

Nov 17

I have this incredible adoration for Michael J. Fox. When I was in my teens and early 20's, I fell in love with his performance in you-know-which-movies, so much that I actually used to love his barely-passable comedies like Secret of My Success and For Love or Money (hell, I still love The Frighteners, but it’s Read more

Oct 14

Definitely based on a 3rd generation Honda Accord (from a market that used the conventional headlights). The front and rear bumpers are identical, the headlights are the same shape, the grill and hood match, and the indent across the side of the car matches where the plastic trim would go on the Accord. The roughness

Sep 13

Tesla very nearly ran out of money last year. To pretend it could have survived without Musk’s pull with deep-pocketed investors is ridiculous. Give the man his due, even if he’s a certified douchebag. Read more

Aug 3

So much supremacy. I’m getting tired of all the supremacy. Can’t even go out to eat now without some big-bellied, stick’n’poke, sweaty-assed mud-butt shaking his acorn in peoples’ faces. They call it supreme and it don’t even come with sour cream. It is just mayo. Lord, lord. This is the best you got? This guy and Read more

Jul 28

Seriously, how many of us are reading this at work and can’t take 5-10 minutes to watch a video? I almost exclusively read this site while I am at work.

Jul 7

And the black-on-black crime thing is stupid because A. it’s just crime, no one mentions white on white crime, or woman on woman crime, or Hispanic on Hispanic crime and b. people commit crime where they live, and most people live around people that look similar to how they look and c. black on black crime usually Read more

Jun 24

When I discovered maple syrup I was delivered.  I have never bought that crap after.  When I used to go to IHOP (I stopped going there since the corporate owners are Trump supporters) I would take a small bottle of real maple syrup.

Jun 23

I don’t know how it is in Idaho, but in many states, once a car is bought by a salvage yard, the title is converted to junk/certificate of destruction/etc, so it’s impossible to sell it out of the yard. Some yards are less scrupulous and some states less stringent, but this car, rareness be damned, might be doomed to Read more

Feb 23 2020

No! White supremacy is not a mental disorder. If you use that metric, you remove accountability. They must always be held accountable.

Feb 6 2020

This seems like a good place to tease the fact that I’m on the verge of making the most foolish minivan purchase you can possibly imagine. (More later, but just prepare yourselves). 

Jan 16 2020

The CRV, Santa Fe, RAV4, and Equinox are all downright ugly. The Cherokee, Escape, and Rogue are more just boring and forgettable.

Jan 16 2020

Boy, something about this redesign really feels like a modern take on the Aztek. I’m not even being sarcastic here. That really tall, flat rear. The weird kind of “split” front grill. That dark body cladding doesn’t come up quite as high as the big A, but it’s still a pretty wide strip. I wonder if there was any Read more

Jan 16 2020

Not that the Equinox is anything but a bland crossover, but did they make it uglier on purpose? I’m always stunned that nearly everything GM does is garbage, and the more they tweak, the more crap it is.

Dec 10 2019

So, who ever is currently in charge of Chevrolet’s design team (I suspect Michael bay) needs to be fired and has no business doing this. Read more