Classic Rando
6/16/21 4:10PM

The LAST thing I want to do with coworkers is go out to dinner with them. There are plenty of coworkers I’ve met outside of company time to spend time with and do various activities, but team dinner is a nightmare.

6/03/21 10:09AM

eureka! You finally convinced me not to like something you don’t like through your announcement of such opinion in a comments section on chicken sandwiches.  Your deft logic and controlled compassion have won me over.

5/19/21 7:48PM

Frankly I’m surprised folks aren’t more appalled/reacting to his quippy response to the reporter asking about Israel, and alluding to the reporter getting in front of the truck before he accelerates. (1:09-1:15 in the AP video). And people LAUGH (admittedly there's sycophancy going on). Yes, he’s joking, but what a Read more

5/12/21 9:23AM

I think there’s an entire department at *$ whose job it is to come up with names for new milk shakes without using the words “milk shake”.

5/01/21 7:07AM

Jalopnik has become a leftist circle-jerk so don't worry about all the hate thrown your way. We need to mix cars and politics now apparently. Ask even one of these people what "far-right" even means

4/25/21 3:18AM

How does this compare to, say, a McLaren F1, which I can also afford?

4/17/21 7:33AM

Dude, don’t be a douche.  He/she has a legitimate question being your journalistically unorthodox use of the phrase.  

3/30/21 1:03PM

^^^This might be my favorite movie. I’ll say something smart and pretentious when asked in person, but in reality, if I ever see this movie on somewhere, I will drop everything I’m doing and watch the whole thing. 

3/27/21 2:01PM

When they’re chopped up and made into Egg Salad, they are.

3/25/21 10:54AM

Allison, thank you for linking to your White Castle James Beard article because I hadn’t read it before and I’m glad I now have, except now I am sitting in front of my computer quietly weeping and trying to stop before my next Teams call.

3/24/21 9:03AM

Round 2 and iirc pumpernickel still hasn’t been mentioned.  Fail!

3/01/21 5:48PM

For most of my adult life I’ve woken up incredibly early and then struggled to get back to sleep. And for many people who are similar, I noticed we had the same experience where we’d get sleepy and potentially fall asleep once we’d basically given up on the hope of falling back asleep. Read more

2/23/21 11:04AM

Holy shit, he’s getting tall. Is your wife tall? From your descriptions in the past, I thought the height on your side of the family ranges from dwarven to Keebler elf.