Sep 1 2018

I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t be ordering groups of people to physically assault Offset either. That isn’t okay to do to anybody, whether it’s the source or the accomplice. If that’s how her anger manifests, then she needs to be controlling her anger, not redirecting it.

Sep 1 2018

If you’re referring to the Vanessa Marquez story, there were medical professionals present. In fact, a mental health professional spoke with her for 90 minutes, trying to convince Vanessa to accept medical treatment. Read more

Aug 31 2018

All you need to know before playing Forsaken: Destiny is a fantastic game developed and updated by a group of people who do not seem to understand why people like it, who keep changing things for the worse or breaking things for the better, and who will inevitably fall on their faces while simultaneously lodging their Read more

Aug 25 2018

Denise Richards is another superstar that Charlie Sheen does not deserve.  Read more

Aug 7 2018

No one went after that man’s family. They directly addressed him and him alone, and left when asked. Please stop the hyperbole. 

Aug 3 2018

Jesus Christ Fahey we’ve got all these new Lays flavors and NOBODY’S TELLIN’ ME ABOUT ‘EM.

Aug 3 2018

Hooray! Best of luck with your continued recovery, Fahey!

Aug 1 2018

That’s transparently a semantic, move-the-goalposts, cop-out of a bet because you specifically name Kim and you specifically say lead and you specifically name yourself even though this was initially about all of the Kardashians/Jenners (Chyna too dont @ me) and all of the coverage from all the Jez staff. But hell, I’l Read more

Aug 1 2018

Personally I like when Jez pretends they’re sick of things they continue to cover ad infinitum

Jul 20 2018

Certainly all artists, whatever their ethnicity, are due credit for the work the work they’ve created. Napoleon Dynamite is a fictional character, but I think it’s legitimate if Jon Heder feels he should be named more specifically in the Destiny emote, or the movie as a whole should be called out more specifically, Read more

Jul 20 2018

Totally! I mean fuck black people for trying to capitalize on their IP... Who do they think they are, white men?

Jul 19 2018

Yeah, that basically never happens. He and an accomplice robbed five banks over an eight-month period. The bar to get over that kind of background and practice law is really, really high. He must have had a stellar record and a ton of high-profile recommendations.

Jul 19 2018

Normally, I’d be snarking right there with you...but how he went from convict to attorney actually sounds pretty incredible. And he also worked to help other convicts when still in prison. Read more

Jul 18 2018

I’d wear these under a long dress, so at most you can see the feet and heel when I sit. I just associate crocs with douche bag who had that show... Batali? Probably spelling it wrong but yeah that’s what I think of when I see crocs.

Jul 9 2018

I’m sorry for your struggle, I can't think of anyone who has it worse.