Jul 10

The real Lady A (the artist) had been performing with that name for 20 years before Lady Antebellum decided to cash in on BLM. She performed under that name and released albums, so how the fuck does the band have a “legal right” to the name if they didn’t use it/enforce it?

May 21

a few years ago the podcast “you must remember this” did a great multi-part arc about Jane Seberg and Jane Fonda (iirc it’s called the 2 janes) about how basically Seberg and Fonda had the same views and problems with the industry...only Seberg died and Fonda reinvented herself. Read more

Apr 22

I fucking loved Kid Nation and The Quest. Kid Nation should never be remade, bc oh my god it’s a terrible thing to put kids through. But the Quest was hella fun and I’d love to see what Disney does with it. 

Mar 25

I know Dooney and Burke only because they make the uber fancy Disney (TM) bags. I did not realize they also made that 90s fugly duck bag!!! Read more

Mar 23

The only problem with New Horizons is now I have less time to play Pocket Camp! I fucking love New Horizons and the be part ab working from home is I can play during down-time. The only annoyance is it takes SO LONG for the island to get built up. I’m on day 4 and Blathers still hasn’t opened up the full museum.

Jan 23

lol, that’s only for real incest. Step-sibling teens totally hang out at starbucks

Jan 15

Thank you so much Kelly for writing about this! I’ve been following along on Twitter, and it’s been a shit show since day 1. I honestly don’t know how the RWA is going to survive this and suspect that it will have to close down soon. 

Dec 24

I saw CATS on broadway and I saw CATS in the theater yesterday (non-patched version) and it was terrible and wonderful. I love the stupidity that is this musical no goddamn much and this is a 100% accurate review. Read more

Oct 17

Clover, obvi “Rockin Around the Christmas Tea” would be about a tourist town that has dueling tea shops and then the owners fall in love with each other.

Oct 17

OK, I’m posting on my phone so forgive any misspelled words. Also this is completely off-topic but I'm pissed ab bills this session.  Read more

Oct 14

Have they said anything about the wonderful world of Disney/abc stuff coming to the service? I’m think Brandy’s “Cinderella” or the classic “My Date with the President’s Daughter