Aug 5

The only thing dumber than a coupe SUV is a sedan SUV. Because sedans are fundamentally stupid to start with. At least in theory a coupe SUV is lower and possibly lighter and higher performing. Read more

Aug 3

My Mom lost a highschool classmate that way a few years later in rural Iowa. The girl, her younger sister and their father(who was driving) were heading somewhere and going through an intersection where they had the right of way while the cross road had stop signs. Somebody from a local , and of course, wealthy family Read more

Jul 30

Author writes article complaining about the way the new Bronco’s door jambs look with the doors removed. Article is published without any pictures of what the new Bronco’s door jambs look with the doors removed... Read more

Jul 30

Donald Trump and his weaponization of stupidity and fear is the greatest threat this country has faced in modern times. Read more

Jul 25

Airline industry engineer here: This isn’t news. Furloughed aircraft need to be started and run up every week or so - they’re a million moving parts not designed to sit still. Engines get funky (fuel and oil pumps, air compressors, corrosion at the bottom and tops of the nacelles, tips of the compressor blades,

Jul 23

Its because its in too good a shape. No seriously. I don’t get it. So you were eager and happy to buy a whole bunch of junker super common XJ’s and stuff but not this? If it were me I would buy this, sell literally everything else you have except your daily driver and restore this one. It looks to be in pretty good Read more

Jul 20

20 years, David Tracy hides in a corner in the post-apocalyptic hell that is the United States of America. Armor-clad police march in columns down the street. Jim Spanfeller, having somehow failed his way into a role as Ivanka Trump’s Vice President, shouts over loudspeakers about beans. People writhe in agony on the Read more

Jul 20

Had my ‘90 for 8 years bought used- loved it, never quit, never had an issue after I replaced the 5 speed (Mazda’s tranny I think), which was only about $1400 back in the day.

Jul 20

Can we talk about how the race was on broadcast NBC!?!? I have been wanting to watch MotoGP for years. I get home and am looking for NASCAR on my antenna and just happen to catch the start of the race! Is it true that these will continue to be on NBC/NBC Sports? (Old Jalopnik would have ensured I was prepared for Read more

Jul 20

Just to make sure we cover the bases, I’m pasting the standard comment whenever a Legend is posted on any auto website: Read more

Jul 17

Or former NYC mayors who are his compatriot. 

Jul 16

And since it’s just a Colorado with a different body on top you would think it’d be easy to pass regulations, and it would be good to have competition for the 4Runner. So no idea really.