Oct 8

Deliveries are such great use cases for EVs. This is a vehicle that will never be pressed into extended range duty for a road trip, can be returned to a charging station every night, will drive predictable routes around which range can be managed, and depending on electrical rates, improve operating margins vs. gas. Read more

Oct 1

you just lost 99% of your audience by using metric measurements.

Sep 26

This is actually a great take, but since you’re calling of MS as “little Mickey” made me think of Little Nicky (the movie), all I can say is this:

Sep 16

Nice to see a car design that isn’t completely dominated by fake vents.

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Sep 15

Imagine this but by someone with real photo-editing skills.

Sep 15

It does not. Since the 90’s I’ve been annoyed at the by the insane amount of love given to a guy who was defeated by a flailing blind man. Accidentally.

Sep 8

when folks ask me what the appeal is to 24 hours of lemons racing, i tell them.” You buy a total piece of shit for $500 or less, stick a roll cage in it, and you drive it around the track like you’re in a rental.” the rental part i what really makes it resonate.

Sep 4

To be totally, brutally honest David, I think you sound like you have reached a point in your automotive life where you need to take a break from doing ridiculous things with complete shitboxes, and spend some time getting to know a car or two that is interesting, characterful, and yet reliable. Reasonably reliable, Read more

Sep 4

Ok, I’ll say it. from the 3/4 front view I though it was a modified Mustang.