The plan relies on her being in on it

I fully recognize I may not be the objective one here as I might have felt quite differently if the shoe was on the other foot, but - there’s something deeply fucked up about pushing your opponent off the racetrack (Hamilton was NEVER alongside Max into Copse) and then being allowed to win the race anyways.

Since they’re heavily armed, violent thugs wearing colors, “gang” would be the obvious choice. Read more

Rear quarter panels. Think about it. You can replace pretty much any other body panel except the roof with just a few bolts. Why not the rear quarters?

Hard agree. This is getting too difficult to be fun.

I can see the embedded video when I load the page in a browser without tracking shields.
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I get that you can’t necessarily embed the video here when it belongs to someone else, but would it be the worst thing ever to just have a link that clearly says CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO? Read more

No offense to these history scholars, the most damaging conspiracy theory in history is religion. Full stop. The perpetuation that some omniscient and omnipresent invisible being/s setting up arbitrary rules and guidelines we must follow and have faith in have sparked more wars, murder spree’s, genocides, prejudices, Read more

Can we all agree that the issue isn’t dealers marking cars up it’s dealers existing in the first place. Read more

My 1996 Honda 5013 has 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering...

I pointed out in the original article that all it takes to install that airbag is to push it in. You can see the metal prongs with notches for the clips and the holes they line up with. Its also not hard to remove the airbag if you know what to do and can be done in a few minutes. Read more

It would be very cool to have a set of plastic or rubber “trail” fenders and leave the nice ones at home.

I saw a new Defender the other day and it was very handsome. It looks a lot better in person than it does in pictures. 

I saw a new Defender the other day and it was very ugly. It looks a lot better in pictures than it does in person.