Yeah, Intel breaks Moore’s law and no one does anything about it... if I were to break Moore’s law I’m sure the justice system wouldn’t be so lenient Read more

Looks like an SNL skit.
But seriously, this is Femsploitation. A gimmick to seem PC and bump up box office numbers. Read more

There was an article a while back that said a kindle would weigh slightly more when the flash memory was full, based on the same effect (weight of individual electrons). Interesting to think about. Read more

Millennial here, this idea creeps me out to no end... I understand it’s more secure than a piece of paper, it just kind of makes my skin crawl. I wouldn’t touch this technology with an extra long selfie-stick. Read more

A surprisingly useful feature... I picked up a chromebook about a year ago because the price was right, it doesn’t do a lot, but its small, simply and very portable. Just so that I keep carrying it around, and haven’t given up on it. Nice to see Google is still pushing new features to it Read more

So we are reading an English 101 breakdown of this week’s GoT? Um, ok. Read more

Military people only ever talk in acronyms. All of them... I don’t get it, do they think we all know that these things stand for? Read more

This is genius, if you drive it with the turbine up, you will get free energy, and be able to drive forever.

It’s the perfect product for people who can remember to stop and write down every single thing they eat, but can’t remember if they farted or not. Read more

So the entire 5 day trip this thing will keep chiming in every 5 minutes “turn left in 3,476 miles...”

Pebble Steel is absolutely waterproof

I can imagine going into this store, and having an associate insist that my Amazon brand $6 HDMI cable wont work right, and instead I should be buying a $65 one...

I really don't like sales associates. Read more

Why would someone even write about an teardown if they are too good to repair their own stuff? Does this guy go to foodbanks and laugh at all the instant mac and canned food that poor people walk out with? Read more

I actually used to think Gizmodo was a fairly reliable source, and then they run this... Read more