Mar 1

We’re seeing the real-time effects of a declining empire. It’s a sin and a shame that it will be a confluence of climate change, robber baron capitalism, weak, short-sighted, ineffectual (now disputed) government and the far-reaching tentacles of long history of systemic racism (segregation, redlining, defunding Black Read more

Feb 27

I am certain that she also blames the cops at The Capitol for their deaths on January 6th or does her depraved opinions only apply to unarmed black American’s who’s only crimes are well being an unarmed black American. Really fuck off and die bitch

Feb 19

My cousin/surrogate father figure was a bus driver for New Jersey Transit for 30 years. Most of his routes ran from Philadelphia/Camden to the southern ‘burbs like Millville and Bridgeton NJ, so there was always a good mix of inner-city riders, New Jersey’s own special brand of provincials and every thing in between. Read more

Feb 17

Another empathetic stranger here. I was raised by abusive parents with severe narcissistic personality disorders, and to this day my relatives can’t understand why I’m estranged. My parents were THAT good at saving their atrocities for behind closed doors but pouring it on thick for everyone else. Even now they’re Read more

Feb 2

My new doctor got snippy when I advocated for myself just last week. I wrote a few excoriating complaint emails about her and found a new doctor practice in a whole new system. This story, and so many others, just underscores the fact that since we can’t just show up, request assistance and get it, we’ve gotta appoint Read more

Feb 1

So Lightfoot’s saying the city’s choice is to under-serve students, or to turn students into teacher- and family-killing machines, so it’s time to go forward with option 2 there? How is the latter in any way better than the former? Read more

Jan 24

This video does a great job breaking down what the cops are allowed to do, and where they went wrong, as well as evaluating how well all parties involved handled the situation. I highly recommend watching it as it’s very informative. This video is of the very in incident in the article.

Jan 22

They should begin in Congress! The GOP House and Senate members who continue to back the insurrectionists and domestic terrorists have no place in our legislature. 

Jan 21

It’s funny how they can hear being called a racist from five towns over but couldn’t hear a president call for Insurrection from a half block away.

Jan 17

That last part is what gets me, why didn’t the GOP realize that once they lost the House, it was a very real possibility that they were going to slowly lose everything else?
Now they’re down to racist rednecks crawling all over capital hill for support, people who would sooner invest in zune than petroleum, what were Read more

Jan 13

Reminder that it was just last month that Trump pardoned war criminals who were responsible for more murders than Montgomery. Anyone who thinks executing Montgomery (or anyone currently on death row) is really about justice doesn’t understand what true justice is.

Jan 4

Hey Jez - can we stop using terms for positions that refer to people’s sex/gender? We no longer use terms like “mailman” and “mailwoman” or “fireman” - we use gender neutral terms like mail carrier and firefighter. Why cling to the terms “congressman” and “congresswoman” when “member of congress” (or representative Read more

Jan 1

Has Trump come to her defense yet? She seems like the right type of violence-prone, baseball cap-wearing woman he would invite to speak at a rally.

Dec 31

Bruh. This shit ain’t changing. A few weeks ago, I decided to do a little gag as a joke, when the President of the United States started openly undermining free and fair elections. Read more