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God I love seeing Glickenhaus’ creations. I love that rather than just being a generic rich guy or silicon valley douchebag, he decided to become the ultimate Jalop. Read more

Buy it. Drive and enjoy it for a few years and sell it, you’ll probably break even. Read more

they are still using (basically) the same construction as 3 years ago, because the teams rejected the newer tires last year and this year they are saving money for next year.

all the floor cutout and defuser strake aero reg changes were put in place to enable the use of 3 year old tires designed for lower levels of Read more

I second the Italy thing. Lived there for a number of years, and playing Horizon 2 was great (they really got the ambience right). Being able to recreate the Mille Miglia or Targa Florio in modern race cars would be something. Who knows, actually do these races in real time/distance traveled if possible? They’re Read more

Sounds like you need to travel more.

Oppo lives on at the Hyphen, you know. You'd be welcome

This is an incredibly salty take and in very poor taste considering the Glick has been a friend to Jalopnik for years. Read more

Man, Jim has been around these parts longer than you have, and always been a good dude to talk to. Why are you always interested in the hate train?

Yeah, given that standard rates are around $0.60/mile, I believe. Something doesn’t add up. Read more

Here’s the yacht they used in Succession. Sadly it’s only a mere 279 feet long, but tbh, it is pretty cool. I do not condone this type of wealth hoarding, but holy shit. This would probably be the baby yacht to Bezos’ yacht. Read more

Hell, give it a GTI engine and a manual and I’d consider it.

I meant it in the sense of “Yeah, why couldn’t it be from April 9th as indicated?”. Read more

What is “a bit?”  2023?

I’m not sure about using a guest tag, I’m afraid — I’m always signed in under my GamerTag on the Game Pass App, and he’s signed in under his on the Xbox..

“Were it not for a race pace deficit, ... O’Ward could have been in position to take the team’s first win.” Read more

Doesn’t look like it. The display on the scanner indicates it was Narrow band FM on 460.150MHz with a Continuous Tone Coded Squelch (CTCS) of 114.8 Hz. Those Chinese Baofeng $30 radios people get on Amazon will do this as well as pretty much every other UHF commercial radio made in the past 20 years with the right Read more

Bingo. My point (clearly not well made) was that the new GT3 is not only substantially better than the last gen GT3, it’s better/ faster than the last gen GT3RS as well.

Hopefully getting a hotel will be a nightmare because that would indicate it’s been a popular event, but it’s 9 miles from the beach and about the same distance to downtown Miami as downtown Austin is to COTA. Read more

Monaco, Valencia, and Detroit are not near an ocean.

When you say “front/rear cameras” you mean dash cams, right? I agree with you there. Don’t know why more manufacturers haven’t jumped on that faster. When I think of factory dash cams, Corvette is the only car that comes to mind.