Tommy MF Pickles

The actual phrase being repeated is “Nick Fury controls my summer vacation”
Edit: My Japanese speaking wife now informs me the more accurate translation is “My summer vacation is controlled by Nick Fury” Read more

I’m sorry, but my favorite type of Kinja commentor is the “angry about spoilers that aren’t really spoiler” guy. Just how their mind works is thing beautiful mystery. Read more

Saying “may you fare better than Dutch did” isn’t a spoiler in any way, shape, or form — the first fucking scene of Red Dead Redemption 2 is about how Dutch’s gang is in a terrible spot, deteriorating because of his decisions — so please stop bitching just for the sake of bitching.  Read more

“What is a PS Vita?” -Sony Read more

I think you missed the point of this...this is a ticket option that will be priced lower. I think it would be great for college kids or light packers to now have a cheaper option. Nice click-bait headline though! Read more

So, like Geoff Keighley then? Read more

It means you lost 9-3 to the Rams so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Read more

I didn’t even know about the game until the day it released. Saw it on the Steam store, looked into it a bit and bought it. Then bought 3 more copies to gift to people so they could experience my joy. Then bought the soundtrack to further support ConcernedApe. That dude deserves every dollar I can give him. Read more

Amazing how a game so simple managed to earn a spot right there with titans like Overwatch. This game has so much charm, that it definitely earned that spot. Read more

Dude, what kind of idiot today doesn’t know the difference between they’re, there and their? Typo? You should have a violent reaction to such typos, inherently. Instinctively throw your computer screen down on the floor. Throw your laptop at that endangered albatross because it was asking for it flying that way. Flush Read more

There are games bigger than Fallout games, larger worlds with more moving parts, that don’t have anywhere near the same level of glitches, crashes, or game-breaking problems. Read more

Yeah really! First they make fun of us for using the one offensive super we had calling it the “fist of panic” now they bitch when we actually get a legit offensive super which will likely get it nerfed into oblivion. Why aren’t they moaning about blade prancers who can also wipe a whole team with one super..... Or Read more

But I love bubble Titans! Some of my best friends are bubble Titans! Read more

The hate on hammer bros is ridiculous. Year 1 hunters were the hammer bros of today, and they are still fucking super powerful. In year 1, it was the only class (bladedancer) which had a super which wasn’t a one hit attack and would last several seconds. They can still teleport, run super fast while being almost Read more

I’ve been using my Striker to slowly fill out Zavala’s crucible quest and I’ve done pretty well with it in crucible and now IB (I’m quite mediocre). I think no one expects FoH, so you can charge control zones and get multikills if you have a bit of cover, although Unstoppable has been a bit underwhelming. It’s also a Read more

I agree, titans needed this subclass. I have loved it so much so far, but when I face other titans, and the best I can do is weaken them before they kill me and get all their health back, I get frustrated. I think they need to nerf they health to no more than 200% of normal health Read more

What you know about rocking a wolf on your noggin?