Tommy MF Pickles
10:30 AM

You know, I’ve never thought about how weird and easy those sitcoms had it. But then I realized that was how it was in college, but you are right, it stopped happening now that I’m in the 30s. Huh. What a thought. Read more

9:16 AM

I definitely went into this game thinking I wasn’t going to like it. But came out the other side of the BETA in love with it.

Your review of the game so far was fantastically written, but I’mma disagree! This is a Fallout game, and I can’t wait for it!

11:26 AM

Prime example a game I tried last night. Aquaria, from the screenshots I thought it was going to be dumb. But I played it for 20 minutes and still want to play more, I’m sure it’ll grow old, but at the moment it’s kind of cool. Read more

10:49 AM

My new plan - do a play through of all my of games on my steam. I’m never going to finish my backlog, I’ve come to terms with that. But I will give every game 10 minutes, if within 10 minutes I’m not interested, I’m going to move on.
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10:24 AM

I think with the amount of game playing we do, we should be pretty prepared at this point.

10:20 AM

Well .. I mean, I care about your time .. and if it’s important to you I’ll be on time. It’s not like I just am late to be late ... ok, maybe that is the case. But .. don’t hate me ...