Tommy Hellfire
4/13/15 1:38PM

I have a friend who is approaching 40. When I ask him about his weekend I always get “Same ole same ole, went to Costco”. How can one spend so much time at Costco? I thought the perk of buying in bulk was that you got to go to the store less. I make a costco run once a year.

4/13/15 1:28PM

Dude, we’re still way cool. Let me tell you about the screaming deal I got at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend.

4/07/15 3:31PM

I'm glad I checked before posting my own version of this joke.

4/07/15 2:11PM

I personally think it’s possible that Beatrix T. Cattenborough is both handling her biological imperative AND being a dick.

4/07/15 12:52PM

I know a lot of white girls who move to Japan dreaming of working in hostess bars. I truly do not understand the appeal.

4/07/15 12:38PM

I just want to make a note that foreign women cannot legally work in mizu shobai jobs. This article doesn't imply that, but sometimes incorrect / outdated information on the web makes it sound like it's an easy way for foreign women to make money in Japan, when it can actually get you in quite a bit of trouble, Read more

4/07/15 12:10AM

While that's true, they wouldn't have been down nearly as much without those bs calls, so they wouldn't have had to play out of their element

4/02/15 3:12PM

Only stayed at my prom for like fifteen minutes because another girl was wearing the same dress as my date. I seriously thought they were going to fight. We danced one song and flounced. FLOUNCED. Like, a flounce so flouncy it was all anyone talked about after prom.
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