Article doesn’t say he is the only black defendant. Article says that the only defendant that is still in jail is black. Read more

When Satan is seen strapping on ice skates in order to do an inspection.  Read more

There are a number of articles about this case. Good. Let the light shine on the facts, and see if the Colorado Springs racists burn under it. Read more

4200 by my count (give or take a few months).. which means we are still quite a few years away from it. Read more

When did we reach that “post racial society”, the conservatives like to tout, again?
Read more

This is all I see when I look at that car...

But they put Africa on it! And raised fists! Read more

How long until the first video of a cop beating the shit out of a person of color in front of a black history month cop car? ‘Merica. Read more

I have so many questions... Who thought wasting money and time on this was more important than looking at practices and policies for FL police? Or even looking at the history and challenges of Black officers and communities to find solutions? Was the company used for the design staffed with Black people in any part? Read more

Was there ever such a thing as black face for cars?
Because I think we found it. Read more

That’s why we now have no fault divorce laws. If you aren’t happy leave and then meet someone else. Don’t do it in refuse. Read more

Get your swirl on, brother. But be careful. Always keep plenty of video evidence and a smartphone handy, in case Karen Amy decides to pull an Amy Cooper in the middle of the night. Read more

Cage is a machine, the best part being that he never phones it in.  You know he is going to give 150% to every role and bring up those around him.  Even the worst movies are made better with a bit of Nick Cage.  Think if Tom Cruise was in Face Off?  Box office bomb. Read more

(FYI according to the great and unerring universal zeitgeist it was Kick Ass’s Big Daddy that officially marked the return of Cage)
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The one good thing about Nicholas Cage going bankrupt was that it forced him back to work. Read more

ok, the photo looks a little Hammer-ish around the edges. Platinum hair might have been nice. Read more

Finally, I have an answer to a question I didn’t know I was gonna ask - “what if you crossed Caesar Romero’s Joker with a vampire?” Read more