During Black History Month, African-Americans are often criticized: “Can’t we all just be ‘American’?” Read more

Daily Salinas deeply objects to communism because of her Cuban heritage, which I can understand. However, one of the books Ms. Salinas objected to is “Cuban Kids”? Read more

Cleopatra belonged to the house of Ptolemy, a dynasty from the time when the Greeks had taken over Egypt. That being said, the inhabitants of Greece were a lot darker, as were most inhabitants of the ancient world. The ancient Egyptians did not all look like Elizabeth Taylor, who starred as Cleopatra in 1963 (1964?) mo Read more

True. Engaging in anti-Black racism has proven a quick and effective route to assimilation for many ‘non-whites’, unfortunately. That is why some do it. Read more

Due to anti-German sentiment, the British Royal family’s surname was changed from Saxe-Coburg Gotha around the time of WWI to “Windsor”, which sounded more British. Read more

Now, now. The First Amendment guarantees every American the right to freedom of speech, even SonicRamone. In America, any darn fool has the right to say practically anything, no matter how stupid or idiotic… Read more

Both, amateur and professional artists may use these brushes, apparently. While I am unfamiliar with Clip Studio Paint, I know about Photoshop and own and I use the app Procreate. All of these graphic art applications were mentioned in the article. Photoshop and Procreate are used by both professional and amateur Read more

I’ve given up on this country, quite frankly. Read more

Doria Ragland is acting in a dignified manner. She, unlike her ex-husband, is choosing to stay in the background and maintain a low profile. Rather than giving interviews to the media in a craven attempt to draw attention to herself, Ms. Ragland chooses to simplybe there” for her child, her son-in-law and her Read more

Black people living throughout America experience racism. Members of other minority groups can be racist, too. Racism against Black people is not limited to Red states. Hatred of Black people is not limited only to certain cities, like Salinas. Racism is not new and it didn’t begin with the election of Donald J. Read more

Although some believe that a bad outcome is punishment enough for children, Amy Cooper is an adult. Christian Cooper was more kind to Amy Cooper than she deserved. That is to his credit. Mr. Cooper turned the other cheek. Read more

The entertainment industry loves money. Movies like “Black Panther”, “Us” and “Get Out” have made a LOT of money because audiences want to see them. As far as the industry is concerned, GREEN is the only color that matters. Read more

In the mid-1970s, when I was in junior high, I took an IQ test. I scored so high, I qualified for the gifted program. (I was the only Black student at my school who did.) All the other gifted students at my school were either White or Asian. Their IQ’s were tested when they were young children in elementary school. Read more

Although I have known several Asian Indians who have treated me with the utmost kindness and most have treated me no better or worse than most Whites, there have been a few notable exceptions. Read more

Here’s a recommendation: replace the “forearm test” with a Shibboleth (test phrase) that only Black people will know...Problem solved. ;)

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If another White person asks you, “What did you play?” Really f*ck with their mind by answering, “Chess.” [Although Black people do play chess and other games, that answer will leave them scratching their head...] lol. Read more

I am a math major. I am also a Terrence Howard fan, but that hasn’t made me forget the mathematical facts I have learned. One of these facts is: 1x1=1. One times any number equals that number. This is known as the “Identity Property of Multiplication”. You might have heard of the saying, “A little knowledge is a Read more

I wouldn’t let #FlagrantFreedy back in a game, after that. Read more