Apr 4

And so many PR dollars spent after the fact to try to polish the turd.

Apr 4

It’s a bit painful to read these RoS BTS. So much love and care and detail in service of such a shit finale.

May 8 2019

You’ve just made my point. Son of Godzilla is kind of shit.

May 8 2019

Plus putting aside the “spears and arrows vs radioactive breath” thing, there are no cities to destroy. How do we get our visceral pleasure from a G flick when there’s no model cites to stomp?

Oct 30 2018

It is mentioned that they are signing away their virginity to the Dark Lord meaning that in the future they will either have sex with Satan, or with someone else based on Satan’s decision, not their own. Read more

Oct 26 2018

If done right, I would have been okay with it. Make it super low budget (well, as low budget as a Disney Star Wars movie can be), and basically remake Yojimbo. Fett rolls into town where two crime families are feuding, he plays each side against each other, fucks up everybody’s shit and rides off into the sunset with Read more

Sep 24 2018

She seems like a jackass, but I’m not altogether sure how that’s stop her from passing a driving test. 

Sep 21 2018

The problem is that the Hobbit is a wonderful little book about a little person who goes on an adventure and gets a hint of being a part of something big. He learns both the value of being adventurous and the value of home and safety.. And I suspect Peter Jackson would have been happy making that small, beautiful movie Read more

Sep 17 2018

The great, underrated first Predator mini-series was about The Predators finally being able to hunt above the equator due to climate change. But they have no interest in war or conquest and the minute it becomes a war with humanity they leave. They just wanted to slaughter—-er, hunt people.

Sep 11 2018

So once again it seems the most difficult prey for the predators to hunt is a successful sequel.

Sep 4 2018

When I say, “motherfucker” my mouth doesn’t open any wider or less wide than it does when I say any other word. the hand about stretch her cunt wide open? What is she saying here?

Aug 29 2018

It isn’t beliefs which make an organization a cult, it’s practices. Believe whatever unsubstantiated nonsense you want, but the minute you start taking everything a person owns, alienating them from loved ones, kidnapping people, threatening people, you’re a fucking cult.  Scientology is a cult.  Look up the things Read more