I am 100% rooting for this MIT prof.....aside from Brad Pitt maybe not being a great partner, but in theory, work with me. Amal picking up a trophy husband gives me life and I love the vicarious gender balancing of having visible, famous couples where the woman is primarily known as an intellectual powerhouse and the Read more

I didn’t like Dan either and agree. But I liked him with Blair because she called him out on all that shit. While she just enabled Chuck. And she and Dan had a nice chemistry. Read more

I thought this whole thing was dumb until the Unsolved Mysteries gif and now I am 100% onboard. Read more

Having lived in Chicago for a number of years, and now living in Austin, I’ll say this. 90% of Chicago is meh. But that 10% brother. That 10% is worth all of it. A 75* summer Saturday in Chicago is one of the best experiences you can have. I very likely will never move back, but I will debate moving back forever. Read more

I started irrationally disliking her years ago because of her character on Felicity, but stuff like this is why I continue irrationally disliking her so many years later. Read more

Here’s a lil’ tidbit: It’s Jon. Read more

Well, maybe if you had put a little more effort into winning the Revolutionary War, this wouldn’t have happened, old chap. Read more

I believe you’re referring to a “moo” point. It refers to it being like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. Read more

This is totally off subject and not Dirt Bag related at all but whatever. Read more

He looks like Rick Moranis. Which isn’t a bad thing, I suppose. I’m just saying that I don’t get it either.
Read more

goddamn luke wilson is aging well. Read more

hot take: Ulta has always been awful. Sephora forever. Read more

A bad husband? Short and a bad husband. Read more