Tito Starmaster
Jul 7

I maintain one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated in a superhero movie is casting Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin and then covering his terrifyingly expressive face with an immobile mask.

Feb 19

Sorry, I could have been more accurate. “If I stalked someone who wasn’t doing anything wrong, then killed them when they defended themselves from the threat I appeared to be....”

Feb 6

I imagine the reaction would be different from those same commenters if GM did this

Feb 4

Scenes that his participation in is rendered completely meaningless by certain revelations in Rise of Skywalker. Read more

Jan 24

‘Whiny fanboys’ weren’t solely annoyed because Luke wasn’t the big hero. ‘Whiny fanboys’ were annoyed that the writers decided to put the main character and biggest hero of the previous movies front-and-center, near his prime, and did precisely fuck-all with him. They minimized his and the other heroes’ accomplishments Read more

Jan 24

I think the first point here is flawed even though it’s acknowledged that the first trilogy had the upper hand. It’s faulty to say that ROTJ failed to tie up the enemies list because several decades later Abrams and company decided, unimaginatively, to resurrect them in the form of the First Order and later still Read more

Dec 5

This is one of those tattoos that will age well. When their skin sags and sprouts white hairs they’ll end up with an adult yoda.

Nov 19

That place looks like a nightmare. Everything is soulless and terrifying.

Nov 13

Had to look up who Ralph Norton was in RA (since obviously I’d never seen him anyplace else) and he’s the gynecologist showing a flummoxed HI the uterus diagram after Ed finds out she’s barren. Read more