My Back! Still sore...

Anyone having more than 3 kids is probably some kind of cultist. Read more

How come people want to protect the children from everything except their own parents? Read more

The Coogan Act needs to be revised and expanded to protect kids in this situation. Read more

Wy are so many of them based in Utah? That's a critically important question to ask, I think.  Read more

“My credentials? Uh, hello, I gave birth!!” Read more

Also, gonna guess she never even taught her SIX YEAR OLD how to make a lunch. Read more

Her house and her $40,000? He, Tiger Woods, billionaire and owner of the golf course, lived in her house? What kinds of jobs do they have there? Read more

Just a reminder that despite being a model, Elin is/was smarter than an average dipshit waitress that dated a famous person and imagined some sort of property rights that don’t exist.  Elin married Tiger and went after him for money and assets she was thus entitled to when she left his ass over all the cheating.  Read more

To be fair, I think aliens came here pretty recently too. Read more

It’s kind of ironic that she had such an issue with public hearings considering she’s pretty much airing all her dirty laundry in public anyway. I had never heard of this woman before until today and now I know more about her finances and her relationship than some people I know in real life lol Read more

Right?! This one took me back to a simpler time... Read more

I was visiting Virginia a few years ago and my friend took me to a Sheetz. I’ve never had such good gas station food up until that point. I wish we had a Sheetz out here on the West Coast. I will say though, there are some hidden gems these days out here.
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Well Sheetz and Wawa make good food but I’m not gonna be getting gas station pizza if there are any real pizza places around.
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Even for a streaming-focused release, $13,115 is a poor opening weekend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a financial failure. Read more

Terror on the Prarie sounds like a headline Kent Brockman would read. Read more

You know who still gets trucks of Disney money? Read more

I looked at your post on Facebook via your link above. It is unconscionable what you were put through. Read more

Who cares if it’s “fucked up” this is in some ways illegal depending on what real institutions and people’s MONEY got involved. She needs to be in prison if there were insurance claims too. Read more