Tipo Stradale Fever

The Pontiac G3 probably belongs in this list. It was a badge-engineered Chevy Aveo and in the USA it was sold for only 1 model year (2009), right before Pontiac got canned in the mid-aughts economic crash.

Your condescending attitude is (hopefully) not representative of ‘car guys’. You also still haven’t given one ounce of insight re: why the Evora (or any of the aforementioned cars for that matter) is better than the GT4. Read more

Really well articulated. Thanks for the thoughtful response. Read more

No, that’s clearly a Saab ripoff

Why were the Porsches so uncompetitive? Mercs were passing them like they had the handbrake on. How were the Mercs so fast? Read more

The comments section is where Gawker writers learn about their topics Read more

I’m no accident expert, but aren’t cars designed nowadays to crumple in the front as that FIAT did? If the car isn’t crumpling, then the drivers and passengers are absorbing the energy from the impact. Looks like the front of the FIAT just slid under the Volvo, hence why the Volvo’s bumper is fine. The seating Read more

Are...you blind? What’s your idea of a good looking car, a Nissan Versa? Read more

Say what you will about North Korea, but damn that place looks immaculate. By contrast on the DC metro I narrowly avoided stepping on a used diaper in the morning and it was still there when I rode home. Just sayin. Read more

If you’re any age and don’t use emoji in your (casual) communication, then I don’t trust you. Read more

Wow. Obviously I know NASCAR is a southern thing but still surprised that such a shamelessly corporate entity would hold prayers, let alone by that fucking guy. Read more

The music in that video........oh god. So.......horrible Read more

we don’t, it’s just the masturbatory fantasies of a few unremarkable individuals. Read more

Why does the U.S. have any right to mine Chinese harbors or have any say about what happens in the South China Sea? It really pisses me off that our roads and other infrastructure are crumbling in the U.S. but we’re spending increasing amounts of money each year on the military.
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I think this thing has two sets of wheels. This is the Vegas setup. The 4x4^2 in the press videos has 16" Hutchinson bead locks with central tire inflation. Read more

I don’t believe I’ve seen a portal axle on a car before. Which other SUV beside the 6x6 G-Class has this? Read more