Mar 1

Radiation hardening has a cost price in the tens of thousands alone. Where are you going to get a rad-hardened, wide thermal range, high durability chip for less than a modern desktop processor?

Feb 11

Yes but Walmart is selling the PS5 for the same price as BestBuy, Amazon & Target.  They are providing a service by distributing the product from the factory to you.  Scalpers aren’t doing shit to add value to the deal.  

Jan 18

I don’t get why some people can’t read reviews of premium products without saying something like this, as if someone were insisting that you in particular needed to spend $1200 on this.
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Dec 31

Uhh... that’s not the adapter she’s talking about - that one will not plug into a headphone a jack, because it terminates in a female 3.5mm plug.

Oct 26

Stainless steel is in fact much better. It can take a lot of hits and show no damage. It does make the whole thing heavier, but many prefer the solid weight of the pros. Aluminum gets chipped and dented in drop tests fairly easily.
I have the 11pro max and it feels extremely solid and well built. It’s also pretty Read more

Oct 13

Apple: “At Apple, we’re environmentally conscious, and always looking for ways to reduce waste. So this year we’ve elected to not bundle a power adapter with our new phones. We’re assuming you already have a drawer full of little, old white USB power cubes at home. So every new phone will only come with a cable... to Read more

Sep 29

It’s funny - for all the praise I read about the tech in the Apple Watch, I don’t actually know anyone who likes their Apple Watch. They mostly seem to wear them because the paid a lot of money for it and think they should, but then turn around and complain when it doesn’t respond quickly enough/at all/as expected. Read more

Sep 24

Not brain surgery exactly but on the subject of early metallurgy, I came across this “pump” in a Madrid museum and was astonished. It’s 1st century Roman. Without the text below it I would have guessed 19th century. Read more

Sep 24

Cool story bro... So you have your TV with HDMI 2.1 just sitting there and your RTX 3080 connected to it now? 99.9% of the world doesn’t own anything that can handle the video the video spec you are setting as “the bar”

Sep 23

And even stuff that was written down was written on materials vulnerable to time and the elements. So much has been lost.

Sep 23

Yes, and this article talks about a manuscript that helped them make this discovery. I'm sad at the tons of manuscripts and knowledge that has been disappeared.

Sep 23

Oy! That’s because you’re not using White Power to move them! LOL!

Sep 23

Wow @ the English metallurgy snowflakes slagging off this article in the greys. 

Sep 23

“Chromium steel, commonly referred to as stainless steel, is thought to be a recent manufacturing innovation, but new evidence suggests ancient Persians stumbled upon an early version of this alloy some 1,000 years ago, in what is a surprise to archaeologists” Read more

Aug 27

That’s the average new car price, meaning that there are still vehicles priced thousands of dollars less. Tesla does not have this option. They start at 38K and only go up from there. For example, I could spend 35K+ on a Camry. But I could also spend 22K on a Camry.

Aug 10

Oooh, I hope they make the walkie talkie feature work 50% of the time. (I believe this would increase its effectiveness by 50%.)

Also, I wonder if I’ll be able to make watch calls using Siri. Because right now... checking on that... that feature is unavailable. Check back later.

Oct 15 2017

No hyperbole, that was one of the most beautiful endings to a series that I’ve ever seen. It will stick with me for a long time.