Feb 29

Polanski might be a scumbag rapist,but he’s also a magnificent filmmaker. Real life isn’t always cut and dried.

Oct 13

Jameis said the craziest thing about playing in London is that you assault Uber drivers on the other side of the road!

Oct 7

I’m being nitpicky, so I apologize, but like climate change, the issues in Hong Kong are really human rights issues, not political issues. Read more

Oct 4

In a salary capped league, it doesn’t matter that Jones could pay it many times over, because player salaries become a zero-sum game. If he gives Elliot more than he’s worth, he can’t give that money to someone else. So the team as a whole gets worse, or he has to underpay someone else. Read more

Oct 2

Something about his shape and the color of the uniform makes the the Western Union logo look like the McDonald’s arches when you scroll through quickly.
I’m also now convinced that in a better timeline McDonald’s sponsors the Nuggets. 

Sep 21

In the midst of all the Joe West hate, I’d like to re-iterate that Joe West is one of the best umpires in baseball at every stop around the diamond except for the one depicted here, where he is absolutely on par with Bucknor or Hernandez as a flaming pile of trash. If my team is playing a meaningful game, I’d be happy Read more

Sep 16

that’s like your opinion, I find the office thoroughly annoying.

Sep 12

Inspired by Dinwiddie, Johnny Manziel is offering a $5 token next week if you’ll buy him a beer right now.

Sep 6

Gruden saying “Please stop this shit” was just him trying to get the sewage leak fixed at the Coliseum.

Aug 30

“i hate to sound like ‘just say no’ but im gonna say exactly that”


Aug 29

Slavia Prague’s owner’s reaction to drawing that group of death is how we should all deal with life everyday:

Aug 20

I mean, the Three True Outcome Era is a wildly overblown thing. Let’s take a random year during Goose’s career, 1987, and compare it to 2018: Read more

Aug 16

That gif of whoever was playing rf walking off is the best baseball gif since the Bautista bat flip.  

Aug 12

Does anyone really believe a four-year degree is what separates an ethical person from a con artist? Read more

Aug 10

Everybody knows that best way to do the Matrix running along the wall bit is to perform it in a swimming pool. I spent large parts of that summer practicing those moves in my friend’s pool.

Aug 7


If I was picking from a list of who would be most likely to scam someone in this scenario, a lawyer or a CPA would be much higher on my list than an “unqualified yahoo” and/or someone who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree...