Aug 11 2017

At first I was picturing like a standard passenger train with rows of seats, and I was a little grossed out. Then, he described that everyone was in their own cars, like a ferry, and I was like “oh, ok! In separate cars in the dark, ok ok.” THEN he described how his wife was not really into it at all and I was grossed Read more

Aug 3 2017

Color me shocked that a billionaire coal man from the South is a republican.

Jul 30 2017

Do you think all the secret societies like the Illuminati and Knights Templar and the Really Secret Masons get together once a year and party on a yacht?

Jul 30 2017

Making me think of the Church Lady. Mmmm....Satan?

Jul 30 2017

It can be the Illuminati all it wants, I’ll still be going for the bloomin’ onion and their ridiculously/surprisingly good pina coladas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jul 28 2017

IMO ANY former POTUS in recent memory would have no problem mercilessly beating the snot out of that fat wad of goo.

Jul 28 2017

By all measures I’d say she won the game of life.

Jul 2 2017

He has a lot of free time since he isn’t doing anything else, lately.

Jul 2 2017

I’m to the point where the only thing I found surprising about this is that he’s figured out how to embed a video in a tweet.

Jul 2 2017

I just read this on the NYT site, and jumped over here. Are you effing kidding me? This is the president of the United States? Just when I think nothing could shock anymore, the vulgarity, the crassness, and violence reach new and more degraded lows. I’m so embarrassed for all of us. Read more

Jun 30 2017

There’s a reason that a former NASA engineer who would speak to Alex Jones is a former NASA engineer. They are the people who have a hard time dealing with authority, people and reality in general and at any workplace. Trust me, I’ve known and had to work with a few of the “formers”. Most of them have 3-page resumes Read more

Jun 28 2017

He was born this way? As in a sociopath? Is that an accepted defense, nowadays?