Aug 11

Deftones is one of my favorite bands from that period in time and this article really captures the emotions that were felt. Beautifully written and descriptive. Cheers, Love.

Aug 11

White Pony was good. The Family Values Tour live albums are mostly good. Korn is better than you remember as a rhythmic , grooving metal.

Jun 12

That’s a pretty normal reaction to pervasive, dehumanizing violence in the real world. Shock gives way to numbness as you try to cope, which eventually mutates into anger as you realize the pointless, destructive nature of it all. You’re mad all the time, you just want it to be over, but you can’t quit, not until the Read more

Dec 9

I like your point about him not having the imagination to change the future. Even when he creates life, he does so on an existing surface, using all preexisting animals and plant life and settings, down to literally bringing in the place he felt safest as a child. Nothing about his creation is creative.

Dec 9

Maybe I’m misreading/misinterpreting him, but I read Jon not moving away from the particle cannon as part of his self-inflicted tragedy. He can’t conceive of changing the future, follows the rules of time to the letter, like a good scientific determinist. Maybe he really can’t change his future a la the Back to the Read more

Dec 9

It was kind of glossed over with everything else going on, but after all the speculation over Veidt’s prison, how perfect was it that he ASKED to be sent to paradise on Europa?

Dec 8

My only complaints are aesthetic—for all the issues with the Watchmen movie, Crudup’s voice IS Doctor Manhattan to me, and his perfect indifference was missing here. Read more

Dec 8

The point is that the Dr. knows that gun is there but can’t move because he doesn’t move, the only reason he knows it’s there is because he’s going to be shot by it.

Nov 16

We can only hope one of the records will be Cradle of Filth. Particularly “Coffin Fodder”. It sounds horrible, but it’s actually very beautiful.

Nov 10

I don’t get why everybody is freaked out.  I mean, that’s just how babies are made, right?  We’re all too old to fall for the cabbage patch lie that Big Toy peddles.  It’s fetus pond, all the way.

Sep 26 2019

Exactly, these people don’t bitch about torture porn movies and torture happens every day somewhere in the world. Read more

Sep 12 2019

It’s disheartening to hear Jojo Rabbit get mixed reviews, because those trailers are delightful. I'm still going to see it regardless, but the trailers indicated something unique and special but the reviews indicate something far more conventional. Still, no movie starring a New Zealand comedian playing imaginary Read more