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Wednesday 3:28AM

God if fried clams became thing you can actually buy in restaurants I’d about die of happiness (and of a fried clam overdose).
I mean, I’m thinking of pan fried pacific razor clams as my gold-standard comparison which most of them wouldn’t be, but still, any fried clam is a good clam.

Monday 12:49PM

I’ve been terrified of whales since watching Pinocchio as a kid, and this validates every ounce of that fear. Read more

6/01/21 10:41AM

It reads like this Beryl_Fitzlegrint is drafting up their racist equivalent of the text on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s.

5/04/21 11:09PM

Well, first of all, through God all things are possible, so jot that down.

4/21/21 3:13PM

Frank Booth is an absolutely fascinating character.  Beyond repulsive and loathsome but charismatic and funny enough to almost like.  There's nothing quite like him.4

4/21/21 12:17PM

The Stuff is great. I want to do a remake\sequel with a modern spin, have Gwyneth Paltrow as the lead and call it The Goop.

2/22/21 12:32PM

As a Texan that is part of a municipality, I’m going to ignore the arrogance and condescension in your reply (ESPECIALLY given that this is an article about the senseless death of an 11 year old boy- a child) and educate you on what’s going on: Read more

2/12/21 12:49PM

Maybe. Went to. William Shatner. School. Of. Acting.

2/12/21 12:39PM

While I’m not a big fan of her music, I appreciate that she embraces her womanhood in the way that she does. It’s a positive thing to see a Black woman (beautiful goes without saying) embrace the curves, the melanin and now the hair that is truly the envy of the world. We can debate about the presentation or the Read more

2/12/21 9:18AM

I love both Will Forte and MacGruber and while I refuse to pay for the Peacock package, I WILL find a way to watch this.

2/12/21 1:07AM

As a resident of Louisiana, I support an actual petition that has been sent to the governor to remove all of the state’s Confederate statues and replace them with statues of the state’s favorite daughter, Britney Spears Read more

2/11/21 9:43PM

Over the years I’ve worn out Romantic Warrior, Friends, Three Quartets, Now He Sings Now He Sobs, and the Circle band albums. I finally got to see him with the Electrik Band in the 80s. Read more

2/11/21 3:18PM

A hearty fuck you to all the men who downplayed this when AOC detailed her experience. The videos are all round terrifying. But, the sing song threat to Nancy Pelosi highlighted how men use gendered violence to specifically menace women. “Hang Mike Pence” is chilling. But the death threat is directed at him for doing Read more

2/11/21 12:31PM

It’s a plastic cactus. With metal spikes? No live thing was required to touch either of them.