5/21/20 7:41PM

Miatas are usually second cars and are almost always a toy. I think lots of people don’t want to rely on an electric car as their only form of transportation, but if their toy, that they’re never going to be tempted to take on a road trip happens to have a super low overhead and never needs gas? That’s pretty cool.
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12/09/19 12:19PM

OK, I’ll bite. Why shouldn’t a trailer be self-powered so it hauls its own weight? Batteries in a layer below the floor and the electric motor goes to the trailer’s axle—boom. But here’s the key: the trailer’s electronics would interface to the car’s electronics so the trailer’s motor would be “throttled” by the car’s Read more

11/24/19 1:22PM

Lamborghini really dropped the ball by not making a run of these. If they ever smarten up I’m definitely jumping into my Bentley which my chauffeur will drive to my helicopter which my pilot will use to fly me to my private jet which will then get me to Lambo’s REAL headquarters in Salami and I’ll personally deliver

6/27/19 3:05PM

Spark plugs have heat ranges, with hotter plugs sometimes being the hot spots that cause detonation.

10/14/18 5:07PM

Well the trap did its job and that car even looks salvageable. Guy also reacted perfectly centering the car to enter the sand trap and gave those poor brakes all they were worth, looks like the fronts actually went on fire. 

10/13/18 5:15PM

It was loaded while being serviced? I know nothing about maintenance of fighter jets, but that sounds like asking for something like this to happen.

10/13/18 5:11PM

Maybe don’t park your planes with the shooty things pointing at each other. Just an idea.

4/09/18 4:28PM

Like a Spaniard!? I get all my citrus doused in gin and quinine, it’s medicinal, you see.

3/06/18 11:46AM

Jalopnik - Please stop saying that 0-60 is useless. It’s arguably more useful than it ever has been. Mostly because with all the crazy HP numbers these days it shows how effectively these cars can get that power down. If you are going to argue that 0-60 is useless, then please go the rest of the way and write the Read more