4/21/21 12:06PM

There is a correct answer for this question, long may it rest in peace.

2/11/21 5:10PM

It literally says Alfa Romeo on the centre cap badge and caliper...where are you getting the second R from, for both times you spelled it?

4/10/18 6:19AM

225 m is slap bang in the middle of 224 m and 226 m, if that helps. Can also be described as 0.225 km, or 22500 cm. Read more

3/24/17 10:24PM

Good, modern BMWs are limited, boring and stale both in terms of appearance, functionality, and performance in comparison to their competitors.

Maybe now will be the beginning of some great design from the brand that brought us such beautiful cars as the M1 and Z1. Perhaps the designers behind the i8 will get their Read more

3/21/17 6:52PM

Just to emphasize on your last point though, carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. If you want to ensure safety, a carbon monoxide detector wouldn’t go amiss.

3/19/17 9:14PM

As much as I’m glad you’re safe and nobody was injured, I feel what you did was rashly irresponsible and endangered not only you but other road users.

Again, I’m glad you’re safe and were able to maintain control of the car and bring it to a safe stop, but that was a really stupid thing to do.

3/03/17 4:53PM

If they want to go this route, they should try another Roadster but with a manual transmission and a better clutch.

2/28/17 5:31PM

Incorrect, this is a beautiful car (and I know nothing about it’s pop culture relevance)

2/24/17 5:37PM

Live in Scotland, have a convertible.
Do I get a lot of use out of having the roof down? Surprisingly so.
Do I occasionally experience leaks? Of course, it’s a Smart Roadster and that’s what they do.
Is it worth it? Totally.

I mean, it all just comes down to personal preference. Want my opinion on convertibles? If you Read more

2/07/17 1:16PM

“Produces 1200 Amps of electricity that is fed back into the power grid”

What? This doesn’t actually mean anything. If you want to provide a measure of the quantity of electricity that it produces, something like kWh would be much more appropriate.

That would be like me saying the top speed of my car is 50 hours. It Read more

10/16/16 7:04PM

“This is a PMW i8 wrapped in...”
No, this is a BMW i8. 20 seconds in and you’ve fucked it.

9/27/16 2:02PM

The craziest thing about this is that I have been driving by that duck for months now and to get where it is in the videos, it has to have rolled OVER THE BUSY M8 MOTORWAY.

4/29/16 8:17AM

The Aventador J is one of the most desirable of recent years in my opinion, closesly followed by the Sesto Elemento below.

10/29/15 2:24PM

Just not a fan. I was when I was younger, but it’s just not my thing and it certainly wouldn’t work in today’s market.

10/27/15 7:52PM

I must respectfully disagree and have to say this concept is fresh enough to compete in today’s market but feels familiar enough to imply an evolution of the RX-7, which I personally found an ugly car.