4:43 PM

That’s a damn shame, when MJ freaks constantly talk about the inconsistencies in his accuser’s stories, but Oprah supported them on Leaving Neverland. Sounds like the pressure from Simmons worked. 

12:36 PM

As a person with a VERY difficult in law situation, I can relate. But it likely won’t work if my husband’s family is any indication. My MIL will take literal sentences that my husband has said in situations where I am not even in the same state much less the same room that angered her and hold them against me for Read more

12:27 PM

Biden has been on the wrong side of almost every major issue of the last several decades — war, economics, criminal justice, healthcare, gender and racial disparities, reproductive rights, immigration and deportations, take your pick — and the idea of him as the nominee would be absolutely hilarious if the Read more

12:24 PM

The Joe Biden of ten years ago, but not the Joe Biden of today. His advancing age is painfully evident. I will vote for him if he is the nominee, but I don’t believe he is up to the demands of the job.

12:03 PM

He is absolutely incapable of speaking clearly on the issue. Interesting that he frames abortion access as “constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade, as amended by Casey.So on restrictions, he is clearly fine with states having the power to limit access as they see fit, which again makes him shittier on this than his Read more

7:57 AM

At first I thougt -, ahh the questions isn’t insane, but after your edit and explanation - I am in complete agreement with you. It makes the focus on the wrong things, could bring up painful things for people and really does perpetuate rare, tv sensationalized rapes. 

11:16 PM

I loved it, and I’m someone who hasn’t read the comic and largely didn’t care for the Snyder film. Read more

11:00 PM

Every time Jezebel runs a piece on Cardi B, I wonder WTF is wrong with Jezebel.She’s a garbage person.  

8:59 PM

“Suzie was assaulted at a party and is a victim of rape. The police took a look at what she was wearing and noticed that the high school football team was hosting the party and they are all from at least upper middle class, white families. They have a backlog of rape kits, anyway. Which of the probable suspects will Read more

4:21 PM

Gel electrophoresis is an important separation technique used in the fields of forensics, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry. The pictures represent the results of gel electrophoresis. Read more

4:07 PM

Correct. I was going to say there wasn’t enough information to solve as it didn’t mention what she was wearing, there for impossible to solve for rape.

3:50 PM

Unfortunately in the US, that isn’t true. Eight states still have very murky laws around marital rape, which means that, depending on how you do so, raping your spouse may not even be illegal.

3:48 PM

I was going to say the accurate answer is that the rape kit will sit in limbo for 4-6 years, conveniently long enough for the statute of limitation to run out. 

3:45 PM

Real corrective action would be teaching students about consent and putting structures in place for reporting sexual assault both on and off-campus in order to protect survivors..” Read more

2:46 PM

Once I read that it was a Klein ISD school, all of my questions were answered. This is a district that is incredibly wealthy and incredibly right wing, and I can already imagine that the consideration of how the female students would feel was never once considered. I have coworkers who previously taught in Klein ISD Read more

2:41 PM

In order to be accurate, the question should say “Suzy was raped at a frat party. She called the police, and the sperm evidence was collected. The sperm sat in storage for 20 years. Once finally tested, it was revealed that Suzy’s rapist was now a Congressman. Suzy urged the state to prosecute him, but the prosecutor Read more

12:15 PM

Cheating on someone dealing with depression sounds like a great way to make things massively worse and terrible.