1/22/19 2:14PM

I’m surprised I didn’t see yall write anything about this, but since it’s related. It’s been in the news here for the last couple of weeks:

1/04/19 4:16PM

After seeing him in the drunken boxing scene, not casting Lewis Tan was a missed opportunity, but I’d prefer to see him as Shang-Chi (the Hands of Shang-Chi: Master of Kung-Fu film is in development). It’s also comics-accurate, as Shang-Chi was editorially mandated to be half least, as far as the first few Read more

12/20/18 4:29PM

He was “good enough” because he was running against Cruz, who is worse. Now he’s being compared to potential other candidates in a Democratic primary, who are, in many cases, better. This isn’t difficult to understand.

12/20/18 4:26PM

Except you’re not moving on. You’re going to be here every day shitting on leftist policy from your smug high horse from now until the heat death of the universe. 

12/20/18 4:12PM

A steaming turd would be better than anyone on the (R) side of the aisle. We need to raise the bar a little bit...

11/14/18 10:54AM

Yes to that and because he also reminds me of every douchebag who tortured me in high school for being an ugly, uppity women.

11/14/18 10:46AM

What? Just because he’s committed racists hate crimes more than once and never really atoned for them? Read more

11/13/18 3:54PM

When a tech company shoves their hand up your ass you are required to use the word “synergy”. They will also accept “paradigm shift”.

11/13/18 11:56AM

Centrists” just love splitting babies in half. As long as it isn’t their baby.

11/13/18 11:33AM

The problem with your defense of this is that, indeed, the employees - many extremely low paid - have to pay all their taxes (and NYC is a triple tax municipality; federal, state and city income tax). So while the enormiusly profitable corporation isn’t paying, their struggling employees (while paying the exhorbitant Read more

11/12/18 1:55PM

I need the NAACP to set up a Mental Health Check Up Team that black folks can call when they have family/friends who are in need of help, not shot to death. Read more

11/12/18 9:21AM

Carl Weathers will mentor the Mandalorian in the secrets of the craft services table as well as the ingredients needed for a proper space stew.

8/31/16 2:40PM

And he invented that nifty game with the letters.