Thud Slamrod
Jul 17 2018

These features will not work. Most of the time when you pull up to a location everyone has their face buried in their phones. I’ve pulled up to pickup location on many instances and the rider has no clue that I’m there. I always send a message that I have arrived with no response back. More often than not the person Read more

Aug 29 2017

Mark Davis looks like he just saw Charlize Theron steal his concubines and truck full of breast milk.

Aug 18 2017

Pfff. Alex Roy is that dick who endangered hundreds of people bombing across the country on public roads. Read more

Jul 27 2017

Honda needs to get with Codemasters because one can actually complete entire races if they choose the McLaren car in the F1 game. Some how they fixed the problems.

Jul 19 2017

As an almost millennial that is closing in on the big 4-0, I can say with confidence that Harley-Davidson bikes and the whole “culture” that surround it never did and will never be appealing to me.

Jul 11 2017

Easy: Front plate requirement. Ohio, requires it. Michigan (and damn near everyone else), not so much.

Jul 8 2017

I cannot accept the fine of € 20,000 ... is a huge figure, for a driver of a lesser formula! Also, the video clip does not put the ADAC in bad light ... on the contrary, it could confirm that the pilot was not careful enough. If this is the car racing of today, it’s not fun anymore.

Jul 6 2017

I generally don’t wish personal injury on people, but wow, fuck those neighbors with a rusty cactus.

Jul 5 2017

I’m going to victim blame here and say that house shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Jun 5 2017

Um, Jacques Villeneuve ring a bell? 1995 IndyCar World Series Champion, 1996 F1 Runner-up, 1997 F1 Champion? Just a tinkle?