Tom Swift Sr.
Saturday 7:49PM

However, it’s virtually unheard of for the records of lawmakers to be seized in these investigations,... Read more

Saturday 1:44PM

I’ve had Giardia. It's a week or more of nothing but puking from both ends until there's nothing left, and then your body somehow finds more to violently eject. Great stuff.

Saturday 1:20PM

Once they trot out the show, I bet it has a good run.  

Saturday 5:01AM

A world shattering new social media platform and his big, beautiful, cheaper, better healthcare plan is something they’re working on very strongly. The best people are currently working on them. We should see something in two weeks. Allegedly, we’re really going to like what they’re coming up with.

Saturday 4:56AM

“No one has ever seen anything like it.”

Saturday 12:29AM

“blows away anything else currently on the market” is so stupidly on brand I’d have to think the “inside source” is John Baron.

Friday 8:55PM

Something familiar... but I just can’t put my finger on it.

Friday 7:49PM

Hey Jason, if you still need a name for your new social media platform, may I suggest “OnlyThumbs”?

Friday 6:35PM

What are you talking about, Parler is gonna totally dominate Facebook any day now! Read more

Friday 6:07PM

These right wing morons always have to use and abuse platforms made by other people. They are incapable of building and growing their own successful platforms. I guess thats because everything the right puts together is a short term scam. 

5/05/21 8:42AM

So are we getting new Kindles anytime soon or what. I still have my 2015 Paperwhite and want to upgrade, but the current Paperwhite is from 2018 and surely there’s a new one coming any day now?