The next stuido to use up and throw away its staff like used trash the way Telltale did is right around the corner. Game Devs need to unionize before that happens and gamers need to support it. Read more

Fear of their own employees. And total lack of humanity/empathy on the part of upper management (who I’ll guarantee is also getting their severance). This is just proof of them knowing that what they did was wrong and fucked up - they were banking on their employees just being to shocked to respond in any way in that Read more

explain something to me: what rational reason could a company possibly have to demand the fired staff leave the building within 30 minutes? Read more

“Don’t work overtime unless you’re paid for it, y’all. Protect your health. Companies don’t care about you.”Everyone should get this tattooed on their chest, or arm, or someplace else easily visible so they see it every morning when they get up and look at themselves in the mirror.
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Yeah, that’s referenced in this article. But that case hadn’t settled, so they wouldn’t have needed to pay out yet (and if they did, and that put the company at risk, you’d expect chapter 11, not the studio to close). It may have been a factor in preventing them from securing additional capital to keep the studio Read more

Ugh. This response is such garbage. Read more

This is normal for freelance work for logos, etc though? My company used to get a new logo - we posted what we wanted and then people posted their work, we critiqued it, picked a few finalists to do more work, and then the winning choice received payment. Everyone else just took their ball and went home.

I Read more

I wish people bothered to spell the name right when they make a spurious accusation. Read more

Read and post there frequently. Made a lot of friends. Even chatted up several of my idols there. Read more

Obviously he wasn’t the only one to not speak up. The woman who he assaulted didn’t speak up either, and even slept with him after that incident. Don’t try to blame Schreier for not running and spouting rumored allegations(at the time) as fact. Read more

And I am grateful that I was taught not to belittle others over conditions they might have.

Look at that. We both have something to be happy about.
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So, yeah, when your friend is throwing up and hits the shower to try to feel better, that should come off as the antithesis of an invitation to get intimate—you should be trying to help them, not hump them, for fuck’s sake.

...seriously, who does something like that, except in an attempt to do something predatory?

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I would think the difference would be knowing what the fuck you are doing. Which would, ironically, make Gamercon the amateur and everyone else the professionals.
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Salaries! If you get paid to run the event it’s considered professional but if you don’t you’re an amatuer. That said if you’re doing something for free it’s becasue you love doing it and you do your best work when you love what you do and your motivated by something other than just getting paid.
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Maybe they were hoping everyone wouldn’t want to be there at the same time... lol. Read more

I’ve been running nerd events in Ireland for nearly 20 years including being director for both of Ireland’s biggest anime cons and to me this whole thing seems like its going to be a huge blow the con scene in Ireland. They’ve been all over the media talking about how they were the country’s first gaming con, despite Read more

Not only is this despicable, it’s testament to how ignorant and stupid these cretins are. Bad animation can be the result of slow tools, unfriendly tech, limited staff resources, and countless other factors (including but not limited to the fact that getting human faces to feel “human” is really friggin’ hard). That’s Read more

Mokulua on the island of Oahu. Hawaii, USA. By Aaron Amano.