Dumpster Fire

Let’s just say that I’d never propose to anybody whose idea of a good time was exercising so hard that they’d shit their pants, in the first place. Shit don’t sound fun.
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I’m sorry but if you have issues accidentally eating the paper on a Reese’s you have serious problems that you need to address. Read more

Answer was in the first sentence. Read more

Maybe English isn’t her first language. Or she’s pretending it isn’t. Then again, in a roundabout way, “resurrect” aka “bring back to life” can be considered as “making them look alive again.” Read more

Any reason? I live in a college town and this is the exact right time of year for them to blow off steam with harmless fun. I'd prefer them trick or treating than having roudy drunken parties. Read more

My story was the first one (Poltergeist Save), and I swear to whatever smug, bitchy god you worship that it really happened (this occured in Dallas, 1996). In the moment, when that man was just staring us down while we stood helpless at our own doorstep, we really feared for our lives. Sorry our experience didn’t Read more

I was going through a bad period in my life and went out with a guy who told me that any woman who calls herself a feminist in her OKCupid profile is guaranteed to be ugly and said he wouldn’t go down on a woman unless she was completely waxed bare. He also had a huge scary tattoo of monsters/ghosts on his chest and Read more

I agree. Sure, we can find a particular individual who is or was overweight due to laziness, lack of self control, etc. I can look in the mirror and see that person. I made the decision to lose a fair amount of weight, mainly through exercise and changes in diet (as opposed to “dieting”). I wasn’t obese, but I was Read more

Gotcha!  I was like, “wait, does someone think I think she’s RATIONAL?!?!” My heart fell out my ass Read more

The happiest day of my life was when someone suggested a movie and a friend said “no not that one, sloanbuller hates Toby McGuire." I felt so seen, so heard. Read more

I’m gonna get some grief for this one, but... Read more

She’s a real piece of work. In the middle of all of her child-collecting, she filmed a movie across the street from my office and she was so imperious to every woman in her path and super ‘on’ every time a man was present. All belly laughs and deep eye contact and arm brushes. Like, oy, go be a drama Llama somewhere Read more

NO. NOOOOO!!! I had no idea she was on it -- and I have been meaning to check that show out.  I just checked out her IMDB page and she has been working her ass off, crapping all over a bunch of movies and shows I want to see! Atypical, White Boy Rick, Patrick Melrose, Twin Peaks... there has been a goddamn Jennifer Read more

I feel it’s worth mentioning that like all the other ‘isms’ and things of this nature, the primary function of shaming isn’t to actually motivate people to lose weight.  Read more

Hugh Grant. He tries to come across as charming, but to me he’s just creepy and gross. You just know that he’s crap in bed. Read more

Greg Kinnear and William H. Macy... I have NO reason to hate either one of these people. They have done NOTHING to me... I don’t even mind some of the movies they’re in.

I just look at the faces of both of these human beings and ALL I want to do is spit in their general direction. If they gave me the slightest amount Read more

You’re wrong. Science says that you’re wrong. The original article says that you’re wrong. You obviously did not read it and on the off chance that you did, you didn’t comprehend it very well. Your comments here are more condescending than helpful. Read more

This is rational, he’s committed like four hate crimes.  Read more

I cannot think of any reason that would justify abusing someone, ever. I cannot think of any reason that would justify abusing you, ever. Hang in there, luv. It gets better; it’s “just” a whole lot of work.
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You’re being much too hard on yourself about how you behaved with this new guy. I don’t know if this is going to make sense but it’s actually healthy to be a bit over invested in relationships though everyone acts as though saving face is everything.It isn’t. I know lots of old people and in one way or another they’ve Read more