Dec 23

The most shocking thing about this article is there’s apparently still enough players to be worth developing this sort of hack.

Once you’ve stolen everything from all 30 people what’s the point?

Nov 19

As a former CQA\FQA for THQ (pre-Nordic), I can tell you with 150% certainty that it was caught during testing, but likely got relegated to the NPF (No Plans To Fix) bug pile as they raced to get the game through compliance testing for the major platforms in time for a Holiday\Pre-Star Wars movie release. Read more

Nov 19

Bud if it’s not blatantly obvious to you how that gets past testing you’ve never been within 500 feet of a piece of software being built.

Oct 14

The most offensive thing about this movie is the fact that it somehow raked in $70.8 million.

Oct 14

If this is “racist”, then the Wayans bros need nice firm reprimand as well... Afterall, isn’t their stereotypical valley girl schtick exceptionally sexist? (and racist. I know this is more about throwing it in wypipos faces, but if you’re going to throw hands you better be ready to catch a couple)

Oct 11

Holy shit, I was wondering why there hadn’t been any new posts but I didn’t think it had been shuttered.

Oct 11

I just wanted to comment here, the loss of Splinter sucks. The hits this group has as whole have taken sucks. I am saddened that what was great journalism has been reduced to a handful of sites whose contributors are told to shut-up and stay in their lane. (Not you or this page in particular, just all of the sites in Read more

Oct 5

What, no that show aired in the late 90s which is like 10 years ago... right?