8/26/20 8:23AM

Wow, that was more in depth than the typical high school newspaper piece. I believe my big scoop was an interview with the local blockbuster owner about what it was like to run a blockbuster. And even then, I remember my questions were ridiculously stupid. 

1/13/20 4:51PM

Send James Cameron down in a sub to find Bin Laden’s body. We need to kill him again for this.

1/09/20 1:03PM

I need more than 20 seconds, goddamnit. This is the best show on television. Kim Wexler’s ponytail needs to be classified as a WMD.

1/07/20 2:58PM

I disagree with all of this. El Camino was an emotionally rich epilogue with great pacing and some nice payoff. Better Call Saul has been one of the most sharply written dramas on tv for four seasons now. Neither endeavor has quite matched the brilliance of Breaking Bad, but neither managed to make the original any Read more

12/18/19 7:16AM

Hot take: everyone has been taking Star Wars way way way way way more seriously than they should have been since about 1993 at least, if not earlier, and everyone should shut up about it for a few years. Read more

12/18/19 7:01AM

Support thread for folks who found both Force Awakens and TLJ boring and realized you’ll never love Star Wars as much as you did as a child and that’s ok

12/04/19 12:46PM

Longstanding Gorilla Beef is the name of my ska-punk band.

11/12/19 3:17PM

The movie overall is great, but I love seeing the sheer joy on the face of Jason Statham who spends the entire film making fun of himself. 

11/10/19 12:33PM

I think it’s funny and fun and I enjoy it well enough. But I don’t know who’s worse: the overzealous MRA / incel type fans, or the people who go out of their way to announce loudly that they dislike the show and said fans. I’m leaning towards the latter, since I see far more of them.

11/10/19 8:44AM

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.

10/29/19 5:11PM

Man, this poor guy. I saw when he posted this in the Twin Peaks subreddit. He got pretty knocked around by the peanut gallery for that aforementioned confidence. Ended up posting this long thing about how disappointed he was and how he was leaving forever. Bummed me out to read. We really need to work on the overall to Read more

10/15/19 1:56PM

If you willingly watch shit like dancing with the stars, you deserve all the Sean Spicers they can muster.

9/26/19 10:24PM

I’m still laughing at the Kars4Kids jingle being the official song of the bad place.

9/26/19 1:08PM

Well, THAT was a real worthwhile article. Unless it wasn't, in which case.... sigh, who the fuck even knows anymore, man?

9/23/19 8:39PM

The Penguin is no businessman. He’s a deformed freak who was raised by penguins below the zoo and hates Christmas. Everybody knows this.

8/27/19 1:56PM

I’m going to focus on one part of the story: the current mindset that it’s not rude at all to just whip out a smartphone whenever you feel like it. Read more