10/27/20 10:23AM

i know i’m not the target audience for this but i couldn’t make it past the first minute of that trailer 

9/01/20 12:24PM

can you imagine a world with two christian bales and all they decide to do are magic tricks 

8/26/20 10:01AM

i’ve been binging king of queens and every now and then the dvr picks up the first two minutes of last man standing which airs afterwards. Two episodes in a row were about who i assume is tim allen’s daughter being upset that tim allen is taking the kid to “violent” things like hockey games and rodeos. also neither Read more

8/18/20 3:13PM

i think that’s why the best patriot act episodes weren’t ones about what’s going on in the news but stuff about larger ongoing topics 

8/07/20 10:41AM

Robin came back for the 3rd movie which probably deserved a theatrical release if it was a bit longer 

3/13/20 10:56AM

wow that was a great trailer, i really hope they bring back that blood neighbor. he was my favorite character in season 1 

3/06/20 1:32PM

Jerry Stiller and Patton Oswalt. It’s the epitome of dumb husband hot wife, but didn’t suffer from having to have kids around like ELR did. King of Queens very much holds up and has some genuinely great episodes. It fits in easily to the top tier of CBS sitcoms, even if that isn’t saying much. 

1/13/20 2:02PM

well i mean of course she wouldn’t say no, she couldn’t say no. They’re stranded in space, just think of the implication. 

1/07/20 3:51PM

geez 10pm?! I’d like to be able to watch BCS live, but some of us have work in the morning

12/13/19 4:11PM

i think movie is more of a testament to what you see when sandler tries. he has some great movies in his filmography, can’t really hate him too much for making stinkers on netflix that 1. make him a boat load of cash and 2. get a lot of viewers for netflix. 

12/09/19 10:43AM

completely forgot about lube man, going to guess it’s pete maybe he’ll help looking glass save laurie 

12/09/19 9:46AM

nitpick but the quote is actually “the guys were as sweet and soft as rotting fruit” 

12/05/19 9:28AM

i’d definitely use a free trial for a viacom streaming service just so that i could watch human giant again