Okay, you’ve got my attention...

Bruce, please don’t hulk out while wearing this shirt. It’s too awesome to ruin.

As they say at the Alamo Drafthouse, #Jaibless.

I’m hoping that maaaaaaybe this suggests SS2 is gonna be much more low-key? Having the Suicide Squad try to save the world against a world-ending villain just doesn’t work. I’d say they’re a better fit for like covert, smaller-scale missions Read more

That was fun, and their Thor was hella cute! 😄 Read more

Having the sick impulse to call the cops, from the site of one of the worst flood disasters in American history, to report victims of that flood for looting a supermarket; but also: a crime Read more

For Kingsmen 3 I want it set in Canada. Read more

Daenerys is really gonna have Aegon her face when she finds out who she’s hooking up with tonight! Read more

Its the Witcher after all.

In regards to the chain thing, I honestly think the Night King has some green seeing/warging abilities. I think this was all a big trap and he was trying to lure the dragons North. Trapping the gang on an island in the middle of the lake, taking his sweet time marching South, etc. The Night King has been doing an Read more

Yeah i feel this is just like punching somebody in the face and then saying “hey you could use a bodyguard, wanna hire me?” Read more

Ship lore is one of the most underappreciated lore imo Read more

My first thought was The Divide. No other movie made me feel so hopeless and depressed about the aftereffects of a nuclear attack. Read more

New recruit at Nintendo repair center: