This is what most people commenting are missing. He didn’t think of them, he thought of getting his feelings out, his completely understandable rage.

I can’t imagine what this moment was like for those girls. reliving the horrors they went through with that monster and now thinking they just lost their father as well. Read more

Man, I feel for this guy, I do. But goodness he’s gotta think a little further than the moment and himself. This is horribly traumatic thing to put your daughters through, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Look at their faces when he first breaks for Nassar.
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Also, the tie looks like it’s a Maxxinista special, and the knot is about a quarter inch from his shirt collar. SMH. Read more

ok - yeah you’re right. I thought you meant directionally. Read more

The cuff links are correct. The sleeve position and configuration aren’t.

This picture looks like Incognito is forcing Sir Patrick Stewart to give him a blowjob.

Nothing like getting served, pestered by Sherrifs & taken to court over a Will that myself and my sisters are not only 100% excluded from but do not even have any interest in contesting in the first place. Read more

Please let me keep believing that Rich Eisen is a good dude. Read more

You throw a baseball with your hand. Read more

I’m with this completely. In fact, I switched to paying more attention to the NBA. Haven’t regretted it for a second. This is just ugly.
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I pretty much lost interest in pro football this year. I no longer set my Sundays (or Monday nights or Thursday nights) by it. It’s too much - oversaturation of games, the laughable system of fines/punishments which seem to be made up on the fly, and the hypocrisy of the owners/commissioner talking about player safety Read more

I have Hugh Freeze coming in first and the Brazilian Handjob guys finishing 2nd and 3rd. Read more

Wow. Has it really been 9 months since something from Georgia has imploded so quickly and in such spectacular fashion?
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He says he’s an addict and a functioning alcoholic Read more

Tall Baller from the G is something the Mavs in arena announcer says when he does the starting line up. Not saying its a good nick name (its terrible), but obviously Dirk and the Mavs signed off on it at some point. Read more

The Browns are the franchise equivalent of a sudden, jarring realization that your life has been completely wasted up to this point, and will never be getting any better before you die.
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This was the first thing I thought of watching his face as he rounded first...

“I wanted to give him a chance. He seemed like a real winner, but this has gone too far.” - At least one of my uncles. Read more

In Canada back in the day, McDonalds had 69 cent cheeseburgers on Sundays. There was a limit of 6 per person. 12 year old me and my friend would go to two locations for lunch. Read more