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“Also, they keep you from touching your face yourself, which most people do more often than they realize,” Read more

1:30 PM

He had seen them talk about it on an anniversary show.

12:17 PM

Yup! This is who Morbius will always be to me: the dude with the creepy sucking hands. And to think, the censors figured this would be less scary to kids than a, you know, actual vampire. 

11:19 AM

One could argue that all of the characters used in Guardians of The Galaxy were obscure, D-listers and yet those movies worked well. Morbius might work if they emphasize the horror elements over the hero stuff. I hope it’s gorey and frightening.

7:57 AM

He was having a laugh. You can see the smile on his face when he goes down and if you look through the whiskers, the giant grin on his face when he gets back up.

1:31 AM

“Rolex, huh? I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like such a popular brand these days. It’s going to be quite a challenge to have anyone just look at it.”
-That fat bald guy who also looks like he scammed his mother for her retirement money. 

11:13 PM

Hey, now. Those guys would have to clean it, display it, and find a buyer for it. It might sit in their case for months. No way they could do better than that.

6:41 AM

You can check seat assignments and change seats right on your app. Printing boarding passes is a waste of paper and an excuse by everyone here who refuses to just learn the tech. There is no valid excuse for not using your phone if you have one. If you know what you’re doing, it takes 5 seconds to pull up a digital Read more

3:15 PM

Been yelled at by TSA for NOT putting shoes in bin and for putting them in.  Seems they like to keep us guessing; part of the power trip.

3:07 PM

THANK YOU. We're arguing about hurrying up and waiting!

2:04 PM

I’ve probably flown a hundred times in the last ten years, and never realized that shoes don’t go in the bin. Everyone does it, and I’ve never seen a TSA agent say that it’s wrong. The more you know...

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1:40 PM

Eh - all you’re doing at that point is hurrying through the scan to stand in line on the jetway.

10:52 AM

Ya’ll are paranoid. One less thing to keep track of. Mobile pass, period.