Oct 22

And I’m no lawyer (in fact, journalism law is the only J-school class in which I didn’t get at least a B), but it sure seems like you’ve preemptively fucked whatever attempt you would’ve made at increasing the rent by publicly declaring this obviously illegal thing.

Oct 21

Imagine a train wreck, but instead of grinding to a halt after plowing through an elementary school, the train wreck starts moving again, crashes through an old folks’ home, causes another train to derail, and then somehow votes for Trump.

Oct 21

Yeah, the prison rape case was especially egregious because it just completely breaks from precedent for employer liabilities. Training your managers on sexual harassment helps reduce your liability, proper oversight as well, and documented policies explaining how sexual harassment and assault are not tolerated. If Read more

Oct 20

Alright, white dude, shouldn’t you be off fapping it to your orange lord’s Russian disinformation or something? I’d normally not engage with someone as puddle-fucking loathsome as you but I see you got another account you use to ungrey yourself so I feel less bad. Read more

Oct 19

Referring to the article about Avengers?

I kind of took that at “tongue-in-cheek” and not a condemnation of those who still enjoy it.

Oct 19

Yep, and that’s why every day I thank God for the internet - like, how else would I share my terrible opinions with the world? :)

Oct 18

I was just going to text a link for this article to a friend with the phrase “She ain’t wrong!” Included.

Oct 18

Your Mom is the best.  Giver her my best.  Is she single?

Oct 18

I know I had the best mom ever when she introduced this movie to me as a kid. One of my favorite movies, period.

Oct 18

I swear almost every writer across all sites were acting like ignorant assholes in 2016 because they all hated Clinton, so they routinely picked up and ran with right wing talking points.

Oct 13

Many of those may have just been pneumonia, but people with pneumonia who couldn’t get adequate care because all the resources were being used by COVID cases. Read more

Oct 9

I used to think this was more or less a joke, but then I encountered a self-proclaimed ‘snowbunny’ who’s also anti-BLM. Read more

Sep 10

Wow... Projecting much?? He made an article about the true size of the XSX. It is huge by volume and wait. It’s form factor makes it look smaller than it actually is.

Regardless of that you comment definitely comes from a place of insecurity for an inanimate box of plastic, metal and silicon.

Relax, disconnect yourself Read more