Oct 22

I’m sure he’ll come back with “But we said in the letter we’re not telling them who to vote for!” Which just reminds me of the Ricky Bobby scene:

Oct 22

Im sorry you don't really comprehend how internet commenting works. But keep working on it 

Oct 21

The prison rape case (really all of them but that specifically) highlights how she and other conservatives insulate abuse and oppression. They argue that because the group in power, be it the police or jailers or companies, are not responsible for the abuse at all unless there is a defined policy of abuse. They Read more

Oct 20

“What I think is so powerful—when my father says that he’s going to... there will be a cure for AIDS in the next 10 years, there will be, and God bless,” Tiffany said. “Like, thank you. Like, yes.” Read more

Oct 19

You know, if Republicans had taken the coronavirus seriously as Democrats and scientists encouraged 10 months ago Americans wouldn’t have to be tired of hearing about it. It’d mostly be under control. And Americans wouldn’t be leading the world in deaths and infections.

Oct 19

I, too, believe that if we had taken the coronavirus seriously from the beginning and done what the scientists, doctors, and experts had suggested our death toll would be 500,000. That makes sense.

Oct 18

This reminds me of terrible compliments like “The most fun I’ve had in weeks with this game is this chair” that tell me a lot about a game.