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Washington, Oregon, and California freeways don’t have signs like that. While we do occasionally have yield signs, they are never on the freeways and are really quite uncommon. If I recall correctly neither does Michigan, Indiana, or Illinois have yield signs on there freeway on ramps. I don’t remember seeing them in Read more

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There’s only one Otto.

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You should really try installing one of these first before recommending them. Unless your car is really old, you are not going to have much luck installing these. Any car from the last 10 years is going to fight you electronically. Assuming you can even find one with a compatible dash opening and dash mounting kit.

You should really try installing one of these first before recommending them. Unless your car is really old, you are

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Other than having a multi million dollar liability on their books, I don’t understand why Ford didn’t just create a 2 year lease with a buy option if they really wanted to keep people from selling.

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I can understand where the dude was coming from, I remember trying to watch a letterbox movie on the 17" screen that we owned at the time. I thought it was awful I couldn’t make out any details in the movie. Read more

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That’s the only press I have seen too, but like you I don’t follow the Instagram car crowd. 

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Maybe lease it with a 2 year term and a final buyout of some nominal amount. Then they’d never not own it. Trying to prevent someone who bought something from not doing something after the sale seems shady.

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I don’t see how Ford has any case against Mecum. Mecum had no contract with Ford regarding the sale of the GT. Read more

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“Tyler and A$ap Rocky put out Potato Salad today, a hang out session in Paris, feeling braggy, happy to chat about their latest that’s-not-a-purse-it’s-a-satchel. There’s a Based God shout-out, which reminds me to link to Night In Japan. But that’s neither here nor there. Stay focused. Ferves Ranger.” Read more

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This has to do with some linguistic gymnastics. PRC media says zhongguo taibei, the first part meaning the country “China”. The media on Taiwan says zhonghua taibei, with the first part meaning the ethnic group “Chinese”. In English, Chinese could refer to either belonging to China or the Chinese ethnic group. Read more

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You did an excellent job describing the situation. In my professional opinion, I believe procedurally both controller and pilot did what they had to do. Operationally the squabble on frequency was unprofessional by both parties.

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The economics of the airline industry are brutal. I get why they would say “if you want more space, buy it.” It’s amazingly cheap to fly today. Far cheaper than it should be, to be honest.