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Nov 11

Can confirm on convertibles. All I can figure is that a lot of people are now permanently work from home (which tends to be middle/upper middle class jobs and above because they kept their jobs and have some liquid assets to use as they please) and no longer need a commuter. Thus, they can buy a toy instead.

Oct 22

Yeah - it’s a can of food for a dollar. If you are expecting gourmand out of it, what the actual fuck is wrong with you? I don’t have time to make myself a six course tasting platter at lunch. I have time to open something and throw it in the microwave. Maybe if I’m lucky I have time to make a sandwich. Read more

Oct 21

I’m just not going to go in to work for a couple weeks! I can afford that...

Oct 19

I will add the garlic first to a stir fry but not even wait to also toss the onions/peppers/etc on top of it. Some recipes will literally have you wait for 2 minutes, at which point it is burned to a crisp.

Sep 23

Hahahaha, damn look at this entitled response. What liability? You keep sitting on those points and keep paying your credit card bill. I don’t see how Chase loses in this case if you think you should get more.

Sep 23

Transferring points to partners is only worth more than 1.5 cents per point if you book luxury travel. Not sure about hotels. If you are a coach traveler then you might as well cash out now.

Sep 22

i guess the implied point is that points sitting in your account just sit, without earning a return. if you’re going to sit on your points for a year or longer (and for a lot of us, it will have been a year before you know it), its easily a 10% return or more you’re giving up. the banks are fine with you sitting on Read more

Sep 8

My guess is that with something like a Pihole instead of just blocking an ad you could replace it with a little window running doom. A browser extension could probably also do it.

Sep 4

Renault has offered 4 wheel steering for a long time now even in their compact cars - no one really cared all that much. Now that Mercedes and Audi do it in their land barges, it’s a big deal all of a sudden...

Aug 26

They actually opened a dealership several years ago here and that was my first question. Not so much the affordability but who wants one? The only people driving them are the help, and if you are under 70, you probably don’t have a chauffer or chauffeuse.

Aug 25

I hardly see how giving the Spirit of Ecstacy BELL BOTTOMS will modernize their image.

Aug 17

Actual Silicon Valley tech worker here....
There are good and bad things about the industry.

A: The good:
1: You can get paid VERY well. A senior engineer can easily clear $250-$500k a year. Now imagine a couple both making that income and the cost of living is less an issue

2: Yes- the level of innovation here is very Read more

Jul 31

What, you expect Lifehacker to write articles for the bottom 80% of income earners?

Jul 31

Yeah, I’m inclined to agree now. At the time, it was all I knew, and it worked out ok, I guess. The rates I got were marginally better than my savings account, so at least I was earning something.
Read more

Jul 31

401k is NOT the place for a down payment. You will not be able to get that money back out before you retire. IRA is also a bad choice.