I get it. The internet is one giant dick measuring contest where everyone tries to post something funny to generate +1's to stroke their ego, but a child was killed here so maybe stop thinking about yourself for two fucking seconds and have a little respect. Read more

Fuck that. Millennials are fine. They are living in their moms basements while saving money for the business they are planning to start. There is more than one way to live. We need not hold young people to the standards of the past. Read more

Can you elaborate? Not defending frank, but what makes it the same as any other pop music? This sounds nothing like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Asia, or any of that stuff, and I’m not even a big fan of Frank. There are a shit ton of genres within pop itself, but does that make it crap because of it? Read more

It’s not like any Jalopnik readers would ever fetishize very expensive inanimate objects. Read more

You do realize this isn’t Kanye West, right? Read more

So who do you listen to? Yeezy? Read more

Came to see all the Kanye haters. Was not disappointed. Different strokes, y’all. Read more

Oh yes God forbid we give credit to the woman and not the man, wouldn’t want to upset the men out there. She’s only done all the work, even if he’s the one providing funds. That would be like mentioning the producer of a movie every single time you mention the actor. “Yep this movie is really really really popular Read more

It’s definitely not for me, but at least the donk guys seem to know that it’s ridiculous and are having a laugh. Some other groups (the “purists” Corvette and Porsche included, stance, etc.) lack this self-awareness. Read more

To put it another way, MLK died so this man can have the freedom to speak about why he likes a particular 30 yr old, poorly made American car. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Read more

That’s ridiculous. What about the singer in the metal band who’s a frontman and may not play any instruments? Hell, he may not even write all the songs? Read more

Oooh, I just posted a bunch of this!

I still think Lupe Fiasco’s first album (pre-release version) was an eye awakener.
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Lots of people in this thread seem to have no idea what rap is about, what some rappers truly talk about, or what the industry sounds like. Kendrick Lamar has been the biggest rapper over the last 5 years, and his last two albums have been extremely influenced by soul, R&b, and blues. He is largely representative of Read more

Some rap is good and some isnt. Like everything else. I dont know how many rappers are actual musicians (i.e. can play an instrument not mix a tape in Garage Band) but good rap is awesome. But most of those lyrics in this article are dog shit to behold. Also Kayne while undoubtedly a good singer is the worst when it Read more

That’s a really stupid and vaguely racist way to generalize an entire genre of music. Rock bands like the Stones bragged about women and money all the time too, and there’s plenty of “intelligent” rap- Kendrick Lamar exploring the cycle of poverty, Killer Mike discussing the impact of Reagan’s war on drugs on police Read more

I understand if you don’t like rap, many of us are not fans; but to call the genre lacking in creative drive is batshit fuckin’ bonkers. The growth and development of hip hop has played a major part in shaping music of all genres.

Go listen to Atmophere, Brother Ali, Kids these Days, etc. and get back to me. There is Read more

Inb4 flood of people defend the RAV4 just because those rap guys (“they’re not even real musicians, man!”) talk shit about it. Read more