Jun 30

Intelligence, consciousness, sentience- these are all chemical processes and there is no reason why plants shouldn’t possess any or all of them....

Jun 26

The workers have a boss, manager or owner that has a responsibility to advocate for their safety- you should talk to that person and not the “free radical” endangering everyone by not wearing a mask...

Jun 26

I keep my distance from them and my mouth shut. No one appointed me Mask Cop and I choose not to take on the risks and hassles of that job. Read more

Jun 20

Sweet dreams, cotton candy and a high-grade experimental fuel made from manure. 

Jun 16

Well, BP, you have had DECADES to prepare for this moment- instead you did your best to repress it and now you are getting what you deserve. Read more

Jun 15

Middle-aged complacency= living a productive life while not engaging in attention seeking behaviors and juvenile/narcissistic attempts to assert individuality with “edgy” fashion choices.

Jun 14

You can actually replicate this effect at home, kids. Fully extend your arm away from your face and raise a finger (anyone, you choose) Read more