Oct 20

Lord. As someone who orders take-out way too often, this is chilling. I live in an urban area, but I work nights, so I am often up at odd hours and have ordered food after midnight more than once. But I am pretty paranoid, especially if they hang out in their cars for a minute after they’ve delivered the food. I Read more

Oct 15

“I just need to call a tow truck,” he said. “Unless you’d rather I walk to the gas station a mile away.” Read more

Oct 13

You read this intensely personal, traumatic, moving story and all you have to say is something trivial, petty, and condescending? You’re a terrible person and can fuck straight off, ya gremlin.

Oct 10

My husband and I purchased our first house together, it needed a lot of renovation work. But we got it for a pretty reasonable price because of this. It was a small house but I was totally in love with it and the backyard, it was a huge long kind of narrow backyard and definitely overgrown. We shared one fence with a Read more

Oct 9

THis is the winner. This is it. Holy shit balls. Terri-fucking-fying! 

Oct 9

This story was freaky, and then at the last line my mouth just dropped open in disgust. WHAT THE FUCK???

Oct 9

I have a freakishly good long term memory when it comes to my early childhood. For instance, I can vividly remember the bedtime routine that my mother - who died when I was young - took me through each night. She would carry me on her hip, and we would go all throughout the house so that I could say goodnight to

Oct 9

I turned to my friend, and I swear I was about to make a joke about what we were watching, but what came out instead was “We need to get the kids together.” She didn’t seem surprised at all; she just nodded and said, “I know.” Read more

Oct 8

Omg...what an asshole priest!! Honestly, he’s the scariest part of the story. (Don’t  get me wrong - the rest of the story is VERY scary, but what a DICK.)

Oct 8

At my Mom’s house, there is this shed that her father built a long time ago. We never really used it growing up, and it’s gone to waste really. My Mom just keeps gardening stuff in there now, and the lawnmower.
My sister and I were staying there at Christmas, and one night I had this really weird dream about the shed. Read more

Oct 7

About 16 years ago I was single and living alone, for the first time ever, in my 1920s bungalow. I loved my little fixer upper, and I had found a nice antique English haberdashery armoire at an action house for only $100. My bedroom was the very back room of the house and had no closet, only my bed and this armoire. I Read more

Oct 7

There should also be a rule to not make the same stupid Trump jokes like the last 2 years. They have been a stain on the scary stories post.