Rusty Starship

Come on.  You know the captain is going to get shafted over this. Read more

So it drew a dick, then got stuck in the mouth of the Suez and there aren’t enough seamen with enough thrust to push it out. And the longer it’s in there, the more screwed we are... Read more

His pit lane interview with Rossi after Rossi got taken out coming to the green flag at Gateway, was freaking gold! Read more

I know I’m in the minority here, but I like Santino. Read more

You'd save time making the eggs when you get home too, as long as you like them scrambled.
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Well this would make a nice little commuter. Read more

Here’s my sample article:

Car drive good. Except on bump roods. There it be “banga-banga-banga”. No room for taxidermy bear in back. 2 stars. Read more

I mean, nobody gets a legit shot until he’s gone. Bottas at least gets to win some races. And he gets the best seat in the house for the guy who will probably go down as the GOAT.  Read more

Just put Verstappen in Bottas' car, that would get messy real quick
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^^ This. I think Ricciardo has somewhat of the same mentality right now. Along the lines of: “damn, im an f1 driver. This is pretty cool.” Read more

#2 driver at the #1 team isn’t a bad gig to be fair and Bottas has been a rock solid driver for them. Hell any seat in F1 is pretty sweet, Kimi still seems to be having fun driving a tractor down in the chuckle classes
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I assumed it was Torchinsky Yksnihcrot and didn’t realize it wasn’t until reading your post and double checking. The end is nigh!
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No Jeep Peej? I think that sounds appropriately childish... Read more

Saab Baas.

1996 Chevy Monte Carlo

When they’re 3 into 1 into 2. (3 cylinders per turbo, two exhaust outlets coming from each of the two turbos) Read more

Now try it with the Bronco Sport! Read more

Would you like to use Facebook to access your Professional Grade Account? Read more