The Recap Zone
May 3 2016

It’s all well and good except when I take a break for almost two weeks and leave the place hanging.

Apr 4 2016

I’ve got this thing wherein I try to accumulate recaps and discussion threads and other such tv show articles. It appears you haven’t heard of it, which means I have to do more advertising apparently.

Mar 20 2016

On the ODeck we’ve been putting together 2 episode recaps per article (so there’s one for episodes 1+2, 3+4, 5+6 so far...) and then there’s something for just post-show questions on what’s next for the Netflix MCU.

Mar 4 2016

I keep on trying to change the title on articles that I’m sharing onto The Recap Zone but it seems to not work. Because (?!?!).
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Feb 29 2016

If you want to write up The Venture Bros. recaps, and don’t mind not being paid...

Feb 15 2016

Yeah most of the recaps that I’m reposting onto The Recap Zone are from the Observation Deck. TRZ is just more concentrated than the ODeck is: it’s only recaps.