The Real Janelle

So I just saw a thread on Twitter saying there was a Dutch forum from early 2018 where someone wanted to out her because a photographer who was friends with some other Youtube celebrity (named Jiami) saw her passport and it had an M on it. Other comments were like “oh this is known but she hasn’t come out publicly”.

It’s really bad!! It’s Twilight, but it’s 50 Shades, but it’s an abusive, horrible caricature of Harry Styles and another prude self-insert protagonist with no personality. He never gets better in the book and they don’t even end up together. Like she doesn’t even manage to ~*~heal~*~ him with her love or anything. So Read more

I saw a Harry Styles concert on my flight to Orlando (it was a great flight and a great concert!) and I think I like him now??? I missed 1D because I was too old for it, and also I read After, which was yucky. But I like him.

I wanna say that I expected more of a mess from the boning simulation! Read more

We live in Chile! We weren’t in the path of the eclipse but my mom did so we went up for a visit. As for schools our system isn’t the best but she would be attending a public school for blind and special needs children and it’s awesome. I’ll be looking into other schools just in case, but if that one is the best fit Read more

Evening, Jezzies! I remembered to post on time for this SNS! Yay!

Eep, I forgot to post AGAIN but I promised I’d check in on SNS this week so I hope someone finds me!!

This is 100% a nightmare for me. My cat doesn’t like to get into weird things like the washer but holy shit. I couldn’t live with myself if I did that to him. Read more

I promise to update this weekend <3 she’s doing great and learning to walk! You can see pics and video at @varleta_ on Instagram! Read more

I will watch Friends sometimes, but it’s not a super good show! Ross is the worst! Just the worst fucking Nice Guy ever. Read more

You guys know my horror story: I was barely 25 weeks pregnant (3.5 months to go) when my blood pressure rose up into the sky and then my baby’s placenta tried to kill us both, shutting my organs down one by one. We survived - 10-day hospital stay for me, 180 for baby, but we made it. Pregnancy is scary as all fuck and Read more

Thank you dear! We weren’t married, so he just moved out and we got visitation and child support in writing a couple weeks back. I arranged for a friend to feed the cat and I guess if there’s a next time I need help I’ll just have my mom over - she can fortunately come whenever so I know I can count on her. He’s a fun Read more

Good luck! I was so exhausted at that point in pregnancy. I have PCOS too and my labs were surprisingly good up until the end - my last hba1c was that of a normal person! Best wishes for an uneventful second and third trimesters 💕 Read more

Sending good pregnancy vibes! I had a pregnancy from hell and I hope yours turns around! Read more


Her physical therapist would rather she didn’t do the butt scooting, but everyone else is happy she is exploring so we let her :) Read more

Hi all!

Also, as a mom of a micro preemie (just one week older than the cutoff for viability): no one brings a preemie into the world of it can be helped. It happens out of necessity and it is not in any way an abortion.  Read more

I will look into this! Thanks. Read more